Need for Students to participate in the upcoming elections

Isn’t it confusing and difficult to choose the perfect college for yourself? It becomes even more difficult considering the fact that there are so many options to choose from. The below list will make it easy for you because these factors will help you decide which college you should choose and which one is the best for you:

Below are 3 reasons why every student should vote in the upcoming elections on 7th of December:

  • 1) Every vote matters: We all know that a party can come into power just by a margin of a few votes. Now imagine a situation wherein that particular number of votes which made the party win had not voted for that Ruling Party/Regime. In that case, the opposition party would’ve won and the country would be run by them, which means a country that is run by a Ruling Party/Regime with a different ideology from the other one. Therefore, every vote matters and one vote can decide the fate of our nation.
  • 2) Economic policies will affect your future: The politicians who belong to a ruling party decides the policies of the nation. For example: The concept of GST as well as the execution of demonetisation was solely the policy of the BJP to implement it in India. These policies can affect the outcome of the nation and therefore, one should keep in mind that whichever party they vote for, their policies and ideologies will be implemented in the nation. These policies include medical policies, education policies, bank policies, etc. Therefore, your vote can be consequential in electing a party which would rule the nation.
  • 3) Politicians will not focus on students if they do not get vote from students: Politicians in India focus a lot on vote bank politics and they address the issues of those citizens who vote every year. Therefore, if the students do not vote, then why would the politicians be interested in addressing student issues because anyway the party is not benefitted by the vote of the students, which is why if as a student you want your problems to be addressed, then you must vote, no matter what.
  • There is no reason why you, as a student of Poornima University and a responsible citizen of India should not vote in the upcoming state elections on 7th of December 2018. Vote and make a difference.
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