Why Should You Pursue a Career in The Public Health Sector? | The Growth and Benefits

What is public health exactly? Why is public health important? Who should join a public health degree course? And what are the job prospects after attaining the public health degree? From the definition of public health to the public health jobs, here is everything you need to know about this non-recession and growing field. What is Public Health? You might feel public health is about medical clinics, awareness programmes and vaccine drives, but the arena is pretty diverse. It focuses on aspects right from identifying diseases to creating public policy and improving and protecting community health and well-being. The domain includes sub-domains such as child wellness, disease prevention, health informatics, disaster relief, environmental health, including clean water, access to healthcare, and much more. Why Should You Enrol in a Public Health Course? Public Health is growing more than ever, and at a tremendous speed. Today, as the entire world is witnessing COVID-19, the demand for well trained public health professionals is rising. And it will continue to increase so that we can develop, promote and be prepared in advance with proactive healthcare measures. All of which makes public health one of those non-recession and lucrative career options. Courses offered by Poornima University PU offers BSc (Public Health), Master of Hospital Administration (MHA), Master of Public Health (MPH) (with five specializations), PG Diploma (in Epidemiology and Biostatistics; and Public Health Nutrition), Diploma (in Public Health; and Public Health Nutrition) and PhD courses. They equip the students with necessary industry-oriented knowledge and skills through engaging learning opportunities with top faculty from Public Health and Medical fraternity from India and abroad. These courses aim to prepare students for public health challenges and spans various fields, including Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Nutrition, Emergency Preparedness, Digital Health, Environmental Health Sciences, Social, Organizational and Behavioral Sciences, Management of Human Resource and Finance, Principles of Hospital Administration, Medico-Legal Aspects, Quality in Healthcare, and Marketing in Healthcare. Along with the regular curriculum, the courses also focus on innovative laboratory and field settings, along with an entrepreneurial training via an 8-week internship program with Public Health Organizations, both Government and Non-Government NABH accredited hospitals (Medipulse Hospital, Jodhpur; and a Corporate Hospital (Fortis/ MAX/ Eternal/ Medanta/ Ivy etc.). With recruitment partners such as WHO, McKinsey & Company, UN Children’s Fund, PHFI, The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation etc., the courses meet the highest accreditation and career hiring standards and aim to propel students to the next level of success. Future Prospects, Jobs and Scope of a Public Health Course Degree: 1, Career Paths: Many! Irrespective of the degree course that you pursue, there are a lot of ways to put your public health degree to work. And with public health touching on almost every aspect of modern life, students get a plethora of opportunities to work in various settings. Let us give you a walkthrough. Public Sector: Government jobs include domains like health department administration, public nursing or disaster preparedness, and positions like Community Health Worker, Disease Investigator, and Environmental Health Specialist. Non-Profit Sector: Jobs in this sector focus on particular health disparities or a specific population, such as minorities, women, and mothers. Academic Sector: The sector typically includes research and teaching jobs. Some common positions include public health analyst, research analyst, public health educator and health policy advisor. Private Sector: You can opt for jobs at insurance companies, pharmaceutical units or health care facilities. Another option for private employment is contract-based consulting work. If you are ready to keep your community safe and in good health, earn your public health degree at Poornima University- certified as a great place to study, offering various degree programs in an industry-oriented simple format.
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