Why Practical Knowledge is Important for B. Tech Students ?

Engineering is still considered as the best career choice for science students but it is equally challenging to stand out in the race. One has to be versatile and well trained to be a preferred candidate for a high-paying job position. That is why it is important for the students to go for practical training. If you are pursuing engineering then it is high time to gain industrial exposure and boost your technical knowledge for better understanding of the subject. Here are some benefits of practical training that you must know:

  • Develops interdisciplinary knowledge:

    Practical training programs help students increase their interdisciplinary knowledge. It helps studentslearn the practical implementation of theoreticalknowledge in any discipline, and enables a deeper learning experience.

  • Experience through Industrial Exposure:

    Through practical training, students get to know how the industry operates and what standard procedures must be followed in the real working environment. Practical training addresses industrial problem statements and helps students enhance their knowledge that makes them an industry readyprofessional.

  • It develops interpersonal skills:

    In addition to enhancing technical skills, practical training for engineering students is also a way of improving their communication skills and soft skills. These training programs also help students learn how to coordinate with people helping them improve their leadership skills as well.

  • Helps in exploring your area of Interest:

    The practical training programs expose students to a particular technology and make them aware of varied industrial applications. Once you discover your area of interest, it will help you to develop necessary skills in relevant field and become a passionate engineer.

Theoretical knowledge is the foundation for educationwhile practical training helpsin implication of this very knowledge to real projects. Poornima University (http://set.poornima.edu.in/)offers the best of practical knowledge to their students, creating a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.It offers latest specializations such as IoT and sensors, Cloud technology, information security and Data science.
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