Why Interior Designing is an interesting course?

Everytime you go for dinner to a fancy restaurant, is the interior of the place the first thing that catches your eyes? Whenever your friends invite you for a housewarming party, do you give them advice on how they can make their house beautiful. If your answer to the above questions is yes then you must right away enroll yourself for an interior designing course.

In India, this field has evolved with a rapid pace in the last 10 years. Designing that in yesteryears was considered just a hobby has now emerged as a full-fledged course that channelizes the creativity of the learner in a constructive way. The School of Design of Poornima University offers interior designing courses wherein the students can gain expertise in the field with the valuable assistance of a professional faculty. However before you take the big decision of opting for the course from the best Rajasthan University; it is important that you should be aware of the challenges in the field of Interior Designing.

1) Designer Vs Decorators
What one factor do you think draws the dividing line between the two people? The answer is simple, education. Decorator is someone who loves colours. They either enter the textile industry and colour fabrics or engage themselves in the printing industry. Decorators lack the knowledge of professional designing. On the other hand, interior designers are qualified professionals who hold a degree and accreditation in the field. Organizations as well as clients prefer interior designers who are qualified, experienced and updated with the current trends of designing in the market!

2) Knack for designs
Interior Designing is a course that must be undertaken by a student if they have an interest or passion for the field. If you like designing things for decorating your home or you like when people compliment you for a specific creative thing that you made for them, then only pursue the course. Designing needs imagination and at the same time accurate knowledge of the things that you have to use while implementing your ideas into reality.

3) A vast field
If you think that Interior Designing deals only with colours and fabrics that one uses in the commercial or residential space, then sorry to say, but you are wrong! The top private University in Jaipur, Poornima University considers Interior Designing to be a comprehensive course that makes a student familiar with-
• history of designs
• the measurements of the structure
• codes of the building
• psychology of the people living in it
• CAD-Computer Aided Drawing
In short, the designing students are expected to be ‘Jack of all trades’. They work not only with the owners of the property but with the architects, engineers and the builders also.

4) Good pay-packages
Interior Designing is a field where your worth is decided by the amount of talent you have. The more innovative and creative you are, the more would be your goodwill and the more would be your income. Once you hold a degree in the field, you come in a comfortable position where the technical queries of the clients do not worry you at all! An interior designer gets paid once they gain exposure and experience in the world of design! Also while pursuing the course, the students gain exposure through exhibitions, conferences and educational visits that help them in understanding the practical application of designs.

Like the other fields, Interior Designing also requires certain disciplines and hard work. One needs to be extremely polite and patient as they will definitely come across clients who might have had a bad experience with the previous designer. The course inculcates many skills in the person, broadens their horizon and gives them an eye with which they see everything around them creatively!

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