Why Every College Student Should Have A LinkedIn Account

When we go hunting for a bear, we go where the bear resides. That’s intuitive advice for hunters, and success-minded business people, leaders, marketers, influencers and most importantly job seekers. If it’s a job you wish for, LinkedIn is the place to hunt. When Reid Hoffman created LinkedIn back in 2003, he visualized a place where students, professional, job seekers could gather, connect with each other and exchange information. He wanted to design a platform where students and professionals could readily find each other. He realised the necessity of a one-stop network where everyone could enhance their careers, share knowledge, build brands or find talent. LinkedIn was born.

LinkedIn – A professional platform to connect to the opportunities:

While in college, students worry about having plenty of money for tuition, what to major in, giving midterms and finals. You may not have thought of the LinkedIn page. But this shouldn’t be! LinkedIn is a valuable tool in your arsenal that helps you kick start your career.
 It is not a place where you post goofy pictures, be silly or carefree or post inappropriate things. Put your best foot forward. 

It is not just a social site for just networking or recruiting. It has become a place for students to post resumes and link employees with potential employees.

What does a LinkedIn profile provide to you?

 Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Are you active on this professional networking medium? Do you understand how a LinkedIn account can get you hired in your dream list company? If you still haven’t started this, you should begin now. Let’s discuss some of the reasons for maintaining a LinkedIn profile and how a student can reap benefits from it. 

  • Getting Job Email Notifications:
 Once you have created your professional profile on LinkedIn, you can turn on the email notification to get alerts on recommended jobs. Students will be able to see the messages on their homepage once they login.
  • Extend your Resume:

  • Many organizations or companies prefer receiving one-page short resumes. But that’s not room for more information. LinkedIn provides a palace where one has the right to have more in-depth information. Put your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume and let future employers find more information about you.

Connecting with Professionals and network:
It’s never too late to interact with people who are pursuing your career. You can recommend it to you from a university professor who works on LinkedIn. It is the perfect place to maintain a connection to those you have met at conferences. This type of network gives you the opportunity to discover that other college graduates have found jobs or have been hired by companies. 

  • Letting Companies, employers find you:

  • Today a large number of companies look for talented candidates or college graduates, for this is a good and detailed job profile that is likely to attract the employer’s attention. It would be great to receive an invitation by companies to take up the position you have always wanted to apply for.


  • Landing a Job or an internships:

  • Is there a company you want to work for or an internship you are interested in? LinkedIn can help you connect with someone in the workplace. If you are interested in landing jobs overseas, you can connect with major international employers and find jobs in foreign countries.

Here are some useful tips: 
Connectivity is the most important and basic thing on LinkedIn. As we know, “To be successful in life, you need to make connections.

Here are some tips:

  • Start with professionals you know, invite them, and then make connections.

  • The next connection must be strategic.

Poornima University: Reach out to the Connections Now-

Now is the time for college students to create profiles on LinkedIn and use this platform to connect with professionals. By preparing as early as possible, you will easily surpass your competitors when getting a job that interests you. Registering for a Poornima University LinkedIn account, one of the top universities in Rajasthan, provides you with a variety of options and is a step toward realizing your student’s dream. So rather than scrolling any other social media sites we should spend our time getting updated and skilled. Get ready to harness the power of the LinkedIn network of millions of professionals from the best University of Rajasthan.

Get yourself on LinkedIn and let its magic amaze you more than anything else.

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