What Makes Poornima University a dream campus for Students?

Whether it is science, commerce, or arts stream every student has various dreams about his or her college, college life, campus, and all facilities out there. They look for a college to grow, explore and grab knowledge as much as they can whether it is theoretical or practical, college life teaches a lot. Students who have pursued a commerce stream do have various courses to set their careers in. They can do their graduation as per their interest and potential in the field they want to. 

Poornima University is a dream campus for commerce students because:

It has made all amenities and courses available for its students so that they can get everything under one roof and utilize their college life in doing something productive towards their growth. 


Colleges are known for the education and facilities they provide to their students. The Library of every college is the center of attraction it must contain books for students of every field. Good books catch attention, you can find all the popular books, top journals, and comprehensive study materials from all over the globe, here. This state-of-the-art digital library has a computerized online catalog system.

Designated blocks and labs

The campus is home to some of the most futuristic facilities and well-equipped structures. It has contemporary auditoriums, galleries, and amphitheaters that are used for the many regular events and group learnings that happen here. The main campus has designated itself well in different blocks and labs as per the concerned stream and departments. This makes college life a bit easy.


For the students who want to stay in hostels for convenience. The university provides the best hostel facilities. That ensures safety, hygiene, and proper food facilities for their students. The large and comfortable hostel facilities, with extensive and well-designed wings for women and men, respectively. There are multiple hostel blocks for both men and women. 

Transport and commute

Commuting is an important factor inside and outside the campus. The university buses transport hundreds of students across several locations in and around the main campus. Besides these, students can opt for cabs that run all around the campus during the college timings. As a result, there is no need for students to worry about traveling to campuses

Sports, clubs, and extracurriculars

College is not all about studies rather it must opt for holistic development of students. The university offers great facilities in sports, even clubs are also there for the students those who are interested are free to join. Extracurriculars have their own importance that can not be neglected that is why the university has focused on every section of the growth of students.   

Big Events

Lakshya, the biggest event which happens every year is a cherry on the top. Many celebrities like Darshan Raval, Shameless mani, Lost story etc. are invited to perform in the concerts. It is a three days event for students with lots of other activities.    Conclusion:  Poornima University is offering full-time graduation, post graduation and Phd degrees that will help the students to raise their expertise in the every field they choose. You can get great opportunities after getting enrolled in the courses and also get several new things to learn and explore.
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