What is LinkedIn and why having a LinkedIn profile is important?

LinkedIn, in simple terms, is a social networking website meant for the business community. It allows registered members to interact with and document connections of people they trust, know, and work with. It is an excellent way to build a network simply because the people you add to your profile on this site are reliable. The people who you have previously worked with can vouch for you. The site is more reliable when compared to other networking sites. The people you add to your network have to be those you know professionally or have previously worked with. This ensures the authenticity of the platform.

How is LinkedIn useful for students?

In today’s highly competitive setting, it’s never too early to start networking. Sometimes who you know professionally matters just as much as what you know. LinkedIn doesn’t only benefit working professionals. It can help even college students as they tend to do internships, attend seminars, etc. They get a lot of professional exposure while they are still in college. The rat race doesn’t begin after you step out of college. In fact, it starts right when you are still studying. This is why LinkedIn is important for students.

Facilitates exposure

It is believed that close to 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to connect with and recruit candidates. LinkedIn allows you to establish yourself as a potential employee online. It will enable employers to see which college you are from, who you have studied with, what internships you have completed, etc. LinkedIn helps you find your first job. 

Helpful at every stage

It hardly matters which stage of your career you are in. You could just be starting off or even be a professional with years of experience. LinkedIn is a most effective job searching tool for college students as well as job seekers. It is also the most commonly used tool when looking for a new job or a job change.

Helps reference your knowledge and credibility

LinkedIn is an excellent way of building trust with prospective employers as they can see recommendations and proof of where you have contributed.

LinkedIn as a research tool

To land that dream job, you have to do a bit of homework. This could be anything from researching the company you are looking to work with to look up the person who will interview you. Companies expect you to know a little about them when you are interested in working with them. And it definitely helps to do your research before approaching any company.

Gain social proof for your skills

When others recommend or endorse you for your past work, it becomes easier to build new connections. Simply put, It means that you have experts backing you up. This is very essential when it comes to making new connections. You can easily create new relationships through recommendations and testimonials added to your profile by experts you have worked with.

 Join LinkedIn groups

Groups are a great way to meet people with whom you have common professional interests. It helps you exhibit your knowledge on topics related to your industry, ask questions and even start conversations with essential organizations. It can also help you expand your network from other graduates to professionals already working in your industry. Groups also give you the chance to take part in discussions regarding career topics that may interest you.

Why is LinkedIn important for your business?

If you have a business idea in your mind and want to begin working from it from the college itself, LinkedIn is incredible. You can connect with experts from the field, skilled people you might need. There is no downside to having a LinkedIn profile. To add to all the pros, LinkedIn is free. For a student in their final year of college or a mid-career job seeker, LinkedIn is another essential tool that can really help when you’re looking out for an excellent job. However, it is vital to build your profile and proactively use it for sourcing new opportunities. You can use LinkedIn groups and follow several company pages to find new connections, constantly receive industry news, and share your views within discussions. A LinkedIn profile is very similar to having an online resume endorsed by those previously worked with. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your profile today itself.
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