Various Scholarships at Poornima University & their Eligibility Criteria

There is no point in keeping knowledge-rich books when an avid reader cannot reach the library. Similarly, what is the benefit of creating academic excellence when there are no bright students to learn it? But do you know what the term bright student is and how to distinguish them among a pool of students? Well, to filter them there is a facility of eligibility criteria which means the protocol for studying in the college, school, institute, or university. These protocols are basically a set of guidelines that have to be followed by all the students. It can be a percentage, certifications, medical history, age, gender, or financial status. As we all understand that not all intelligent students may be financially good so there is a provision for scholarship features. It helps in attaining quality education by removing the financial barrier. Let us now read the list of various scholarships at Poornima University and their eligibility criteria.   

Poornima University offers the following scholarships to merit rankers –

  • All programs except for FSH, FPH, and BVA
The percentage in 12th         Percentage of scholarship Category 1       Category 2      Category 3                                                                                                                   (5 Best Aggregate) Above or equal to 85%                                  80%                                                55%              30% Between 75 – 84.9%                                      60%                                                40%              20% Between 65 – 74.9%                                      40%                                                20%              10% Between 55 – 64.9%                                      20%                                                10%                0
  • Programs under FSH and BVA
The percentage in 12th         Percentage of scholarship Category 1       Category 2      Category 3                                                                                                                   (5 Best Aggregate) Above or equal to 80%                                  80%                                                55%                30% Between 70 – 79.9%                                      60%                                                40%                20% Between 60 – 69.9%                                      40%                                                25%                10% Below 60%                                                       20%                                                10%                 0%
  • Scholarship for B.Arch. based upon NATA score
NATA Score                                              Scholarship Above 115                                                    80% 106 to 115                                                    60% 96 to 105                                                      40% 80 to 95                                                        20%
  • For BSc based upon NCHMCT Score
NCHMJEE Ranking                                        Scholarship 1-3000                                                                           80% 3001-6000                                                                     60% 6001-9000                                                                     40% 9001-12000                                                                   20%
  • For MPH/MHA Course Scholarship
Criteria                                                                      Scholarship Dental Graduates                                           Flat 25% on Tuition Fee Other working Professionals                        Flat 20% on Tuition Fee            Regular Students                                            Flat 10% on Tuition Fee Important: If anybody has completed graduation from any disciple with 50% of the minimum 2 years of experience in a public health organization, NGO, etc. then he/she has to submit a certificate.  Gayatri Girls Scholarship: Poornima Faculty offers a scholarship to the first three female students from each school who intend to pursue a career in the Faculty. The purpose of this scholarship is to award scholarships to deserving Girl Pupils who have received a 60 percent or higher on their eligibility examination. This scholarship will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Children of Poornima, JIET Group (Jodhpur), and Medipulse Hospital faculty and staff, as well as children of defense personnel (in-service): This scholarship is eligible for all undergraduate and graduate programs, and students will get a 50% tuition fee waiver. Scholarship for siblings of Poornima and JIET students/alumni: This scholarship is open to all undergraduate and graduate programs, and students will get a 25% tuition price waiver. Poornima Gramin Shiksha Yojna Scholarship: This scholarship applies to all UG/PG programs, and students will receive a 100% remission on annual tuition and development fees. SCHOLARSHIP IN HONOR OF MARTYRS (TTM SCHOLARSHIP): As a tribute to martyrs, Poornima University offers a scholarship. This scholarship program is being implemented to encourage and financially aid the wards of deceased police and defense officers to continue their education in the programs of their choice. Criteria for Eligibility:
  • A dependent ward of a deceased Police/Defense Personnel is required.
  • Have passed a recognized university or Board of Secondary Education’s eligibility examination
  • The applicant must have received at least 60% or higher in the minimal qualification.
  • This scholarship will be available for the duration of the program.
  • For all UG courses the scholarship is 60% while for PG it is 40%.
At Poornima University, we warmly welcome all the young aspiring students to join the faculties and get into brilliant scholarship programs that will shape their minds and careers for future aspects. We hope our different scholarships provide the right skill set you need for your choice of career. We expect this article would have enlightened you to get motivated for these learnings and work hard to clear the eligibility criteria.
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