Uncertainty amid Corona virus: 7 Best Tips for College Students Dealing with Pandemic

The storm of Covid-19 pandemic conjured up unsettling thoughts and complex life decisions in everybody’s life. A span that could be easily translated as world crisis has left millions of individuals into a situation of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. Looking at the current situation it’s easily ascertained how the mental health of college students must be suffering. From having lesser ways to study to being in a dilemma of career trajectory, college students often find themselves stuck during these unprecedented times. Especially when stress and anxiety mingle, they tend to evoke plentiful circling thoughts that might lead to alarming mental health issues. Needless to say, the situation is indeed distressing for college students. However, there is a myriad of ways and tips that they can incorporate in their lives and combat the adverse situation. Here are some of the best ones that can unquestionably make a difference:

Have a Mental & Physical Fitness Routine:

Staying away from lethargy and being proactive is one of the ways to deal with the worldwide catastrophic situation. Mind-relaxing activities like Zumba, yoga, aerobics, dancing, meditation will give them space where they can find themselves miles away from any kind of strain. Due to lockdown and certain govt. restrictions, students are likely to have a sedentary lifestyle that would eventually show adverse effects on their health. Nevertheless, a proper fitness regime would lead to abundant energy and positivity.

Stay Connected With Optimistic People:

Having covid-19 negativity all-around can profusely impact students’ mental health. And, when it comes to media, students tend to get exposed to unnecessary knowledge that is of no good means. Turning this pessimist time into an optimistic one, students can surround themselves with positive people (primarily virtually). They can talk over the phone with their friends every now and then to share their thoughts. Besides this, following some level-minded people or watching their speeches may also help them tackle the difficult times.

Get Engaged In A Hobby Or Passion:

The basic drill to deal with the pandemic or lockdown situation is to keep lucratively occupied at all times. Hobbies are meant to offer one refuge from stress, anxiety, worry or any insecurity. Students can pick up a hobby that gives them immense enjoyment and tranquillity. In order to make sure that their grey cells are getting charged up, they can partake in various activities such as painting, gardening, journaling, cooking, calligraphy and more.

Join An Online Course:

Resulting in indefinite worry,  Covid-19 has dramatically changed the game of education. Especially with the implementation of lockdown that has made students restricted in many aspects for their overall growth. However, it has not let learning come to a standstill. Students can consider joining an online course of their interest. This may not only help them learn something new but would also be conducive to a great career start. Moreover, they can get oodles of knowledge about things.

Focus on Self-Care & Work upon It:

While everything is topsy-turvy currently, it is now crucial to take care of yourself in the true sense. Having sadness, worry, anxiety is quite normal; however, some petite changes in daily life can make wonders to equip you to fight against all odds. Starting from a well-maintained routine accompanied by a proper diet, you can make small goals for every day for overall health. Apart from this, spending quality time with family would definitely give you the much-required positivity and composure. On the whole, students must stay active at all times just like the time prior to the pandemic!

Consider counselling during excessive stress & anxiety:

With the transpiring of the pandemic, the course of life has changed for everybody, especially for students who are unable to make career decisions. This may have also resulted in unwanted distress. To cope with the same, students must go for online counselling that will offer them a platform to pour out all their discomforting thoughts. While huge career changes lie ahead, this stressful time may turn into a stepping stone towards a bright future. If academic as well as personal life is being directed in the right position, college students shall surely overcome any kind of uncertainty or anxiety. While greatly paying heed to students’ overall growth, Poornima University, which is one of the top universities of Rajasthan, provides the best education even during the unfortunate times of Covid-19 and lockdown. With our optimistic and collective approach, we ensure that each student is learning in the best way possible.
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