Top hiring sectors for Engineers in 2022

The engineering profession plays a significant role in developing and expanding a country’s economy. Engineers use their ingenuity, breadth of knowledge, and creativity to make a significant difference in the lives of their population and the economy of their country. New job opportunities have emerged in a variety of fields, including engineering. In this blog, we will explore the exciting world of engineering careers that are currently available and the future job scenario. While engineering employment is now stable, it is expected that they will continue to rise by leaps and bounds in 2022 as well. Here are some fields to begin with:  

Automation and Robotics Engineer:

This engineering discipline is concerned with the production and design of robots. These robots are employed in industries to speed up the manufacturing process. They are utilized in nuclear science, electric signal transmission and service, sea exploration, biomedicalbio-medical equipment design, and various other applications.  

Data Science & Data Analytics Engineer:

A range of fields known as Data Science mine large data sets. Although data analytics is a component of this more comprehensive process, it is more targeted. It generates actionable insights, responding to requests quickly and effectively. Data Science and Analytics are related, yet they use different techniques and yield different outcomes. In Data Analytics, existing data sets are processed and statistically analyzed. Precisely, it provides solutions to situations for which we seek answers.  

Project Engineer:

A project engineer is responsible for managing engineering or technical initiatives. They interact and collaborate with stakeholders at all levels. They are primarily in charge of project planning, staffing, and budgeting. This job has been in trend from a long time, and there is no doubt that 2022 won’t be any different.  

Renewable Energy Engineer:

Renewable energy is energy that is harnessed from many sources such as sunshine (solar), water (hydro), organic matter (biomass), and the earth’s inherent heat (geothermal). They work on energy generation from sustainable and renewable sources such as wind, solar, marine, and hydropower.  

Civil Engineer:

They begin with the conceptualization stage and progress to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure projects in public and private sectors.  

Mechanical Engineer:

As the name suggests, mechanical engineering is the study, development, design, testing, and construction of mechanical devices and sensors. Engines, machinery, and tools are examples of them. A Mechanical Engineer works in engineering services, development, manufacturing, and research. They must demonstrate technical competence, which includes numerical and scientific abilities to solve problems. Mechanical engineers can work on equipment and parts used in various industries, including electricity, transportation, water, and healthcare. As an engineering student, you can pick from various specialties, with numerous job prospects accessible in a variety of industries. At Poornima University, we welcome all the emerging young talents to join in and get into brilliant academic facilities that will shape your mind and growth for further aspects in a great upcoming life. We hope the inputs about upcoming hiring prospects will have provided you with valuable insights to become a sound engineer in your choice of field.
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