Today’s Engineers Will Create A Sustainable Future

The world today stands at a point where it is slowly approaching a fork in the road, where one path leads to a lifestyle similar to what we have today, and the other takes a turn towards sustainability, to preserve our ecosystem and environment around us. Consciously, we all know which is the correct choice to make, and even though the path may be a bit rocky, but it’s going to be worthy for the long run. If we don’t mend out existing ways, with this pace, the world for the future generation will not be as hospitable as it is for us. The need of the hour is to be as sustainable towards the future as is possible.

The solutions that we need for tomorrow need to be created today, so it gives us enough time to make space for effective results. In the words of Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, “We will not achieve The Future We Want though existing paradigms of carbon-intensive growth and strategies of ‘pollute now and clean up later.'” In more precise words, we need to think of a contingency plan to tackle the by-products before we even begin with the production. And the baton for the development lies in the hands of the engineers so that it can be implemented by all of us.

Engineering a Sustainable Future

Throughout history, engineers have been problem solvers who have come up with some of the best innovations for addressing significant issues. This has been possible owing to these skill-set and informational functions that engineers have garnered over the ages.

  • Studying natural and artificially created environments
  • Analyzing feasible alternatives
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Assistance in project planning, approval, and financing
  • Designing and developing systems, processes, products, and plans
  • Project management
  • Construction supervision and testing
  • Process design
  • Startup operations and training
  • Assistance in operations
  • Management consulting
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Decommissioning of facilities
  • Restoration of sites for other uses
  • Resource management
  • Measuring progress for sustainable development

Armed with this knowledge, engineering a sustainable future is a responsibility that needs to be taken up right now. Engineers will play a pivotal role in planning, developing, and creating projects that optimize the use of natural resources, prevent pollution, save humans and ecosystems from dying out, and are cost-efficient at the same time.How Would That Happen?

‘The Future That We Want’ requires a conscious development of ideas that are exclusively focused at sustainability. Engineering is the study of researching, developing, and synthesizing methods and mechanisms. Therefore Engineers are required to develop options that would minimize environmental damage. This requires an understanding of the following:

  • While our resources seem plentiful, they are limited. The development of optimization techniques for the current resources and harnessing more of renewable resources need to see the daylight as soon as possible.
  • Recovery and Reuse of resources that have gone unused or have been simply wasted can reduce the impact on our environment primarily.
  • Restoration of the environment is a prime concern. By cleaning up now and continuing work later, the damage can be controlled.
  • Our design of the cities needs to be reimagined and changed to create less cosmetic additions to the cities that don’t last long and focus more on embedding sustainability into every aspect.
  • Buildings need to go green to solidify our expansion while still reducing our carbon footprint on the world. Energy-efficient engineering, combined with smarter AI, can go a long way in making our infrastructure self-intelligent and sustainable.
  • Creating better, faster, and target-hitting innovation when it comes to public transport is growing to be an absolute necessity for the future, so the use of personal vehicles can be reduced, and the impact on the environment can be reduced.

In the words of Theodore von Karman, a Hungarian-American mathematician, an aerospace engineer, and a physicist, “Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.” Students aspiring to contribute their bit in this progress and development can begin their career by enrolling in one of the top engineering colleges in Rajasthan , Poornima University. Our strong institutional commitment to environmental sustainability and belief in collaborative growth reflects in our curriculum as well. Begin your dream career with Us!

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