Tips To Ensure Uninterrupted Learning During Unprecedented Situations

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to come at an indefinite standstill. While concerns for the economy can be heard from all quarters, the student community also stands to lose equally, if not more, from the pandemic.

However, students must keep a cool head and ensure that the unprecedented situation does not impact learning. To ensure that learning remains uninterrupted during these testing times, here are a few tips that students must make an effort to follow.

1. Regular Yoga Or Exercise: It’s natural to feel lethargic or inactive, having spent a few weeks inside your home. Moreover, staying at home also offers students the leverage to munch on their favourite home-cooked food anytime whenever they want to. Overeating too can lead to tiredness and sleepiness.

Tips To Ensure Uninterrupted Learning During Unprecedented Situations

Hence students must try following a Yoga or exercise routine. This will help students stay physically and mentally active throughout the day.

2. Good Internet Connectivity: Considering that all schools and colleges are opting for online classes during the lockdown, students must ensure that they have a very good internet connection.
However, if students don’t have broadband at home, then they can also consider hotspot connectivity from smartphones. Hotspots from mobile offer very good internet connectivity, and it will serve all their needs.

3. Stay In Touch With College Administration: We are sure that every college must have shared contact details of admin and staff personnel students can reach out to for doubts and help.
However, in case your college has not provided you with one, make sure that you have contact details of your department head and lecturers so that you can always ping them in case you need help with assignments, projects, etc.

4. Maintain A Schedule/Calendar: You can’t score a goal if there are no goalposts. Maintaining a schedule/calendar will help students to keep track of their goals. It will ensure that students don’t fall behind their course and overall learning.

Tips To Ensure Uninterrupted Learning During Unprecedented Situations

5. Consider Joining Online Courses: Students will not be as occupied as they normally are during the lockdown. They will have a lot of spare time, and hence, the best way to make the most of it is by joining online courses related to their field.
Online courses are very well structured, self-paced, and successful completion of these courses improve employability chances considerably.

6. Create An Online Study Group: Learning is a collective exercise. We work and learn better in groups.
Hence, the best way to create a learning environment during lockdown is by creating an online group of close-knit-Friends.
This has many add on values including:
  • Instilling a sense of competition among members of the group
  • Saving time by clearing one another’s doubts
  • Saving money by using the same online resources for learning

These are some of the important tips that students must follow so that their learning remains uninterrupted during an unprecedented situation like lockdowns.

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