The flight to Quality in the Management Marketplace

After liberalization in 1991, the private sector started to blossom, and the demands for MBA shot up. The new companies of that time paid a handsome amount to the young minds for putting their traditional, family-held business on fast track. MBA became one of the most sought-after career options for the students and was seen as a source of money and status. After nearly two decades since liberalization, headlines have swilled that MBA is in terminal decline. The aggregate MBA enrollments in major universities in India have fluctuated substantially over the years. The lack of employability skills, the cost of an MBA have all combined to reduce the demand for full-time MBA programmers.

Nevertheless, the degree is still thriving at the top institutions that offer practical experience and encourage risk-averse thinking. Poornima University has maintained consistency in the enrollment throughout. The institute has shared a spot in the list of successful institutions. Furthermore, according to a study conducted in India in multiple management institutes across the country, it has been found that the biggest reason behind the decline in jobs offered to MBAs is the outdated and non-relevant curriculum. ASSOCHAM reports of the year also 2016-17 mentioned that the lack of quality control and infrastructure are also aggregating the conditions. The MBA curriculum must be dynamic and aligned with the current trends in the industrial world. Poornima University is in alignment with the industrial standards and is updated from time to time to meet the new requirements. The entire vision of delivering MBA course has experienced transformation. For instance, Students engage in business simulation programmes, which make learning interactive and effective

Student satisfaction is a factor that also shows the quality of MBA education. The alumni network of Poornima says all about the satisfaction of students. Most importantly, the university has the best dynamic and supportive environment that fosters learning and make the students industry-ready. The results of improving education standards, providing support, fostering a collaborative environment, and keeping the curriculum updated can be witnessed in the placement of the year 2017-18 when more than 60 companies recruited a large number of students pursuing MBA.

Despite the fluctuation in the overall statics of enrollment in MBA, Poornima has managed to acquire success and offer its students a place they deserve. Many alumni have also secured a seat in the top MNCs at gargantuan salaries. Poornima is surely working towards improving quality so that students can achieve lasting excellence.

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