The Changing Face of College Demographics: For Enhanced Campus Experience

They say knowledge is immaterial, it is beyond the requirement of bricks and cement. However, today reality is clear and flagrant. Innovative classrooms, advanced computer labs, creative spaces etc. work together to accelerate the academic experience of students. While the focus has always been on quality education, universities are emphasizing and building state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the campus experience of its students and to attract favorable enrollment.

Facility development has taken a front seat to improve the quality of a student’s life during their most cherished college days. As a student, if you are spending your precious years in a campus which fails to deliver the best to you, would you be attracted enough? It is the due duty of an institution to make students life the most memorable experience. A positive and desirable university experience works strongly to strengthen the college’s alumni ties. For this experience to take reality and become beautiful, universities and colleges are investing in luxuriously on-campus facilities. And why not?

There are many good reasons that follow and justify the universities’ involvement in luxe amenities mad race.

As per research, a student’s success is majorly tied to socialization and good community space that allows healthy interaction with colleagues and enriches their campus life.

Classrooms: With the advent of technology in universities, the nature of higher education has changed and become more tech-dependent resulting in a change of design of the classroom from the chalkboard to projectors now.

Libraries: As the development of students occurs largely outside the classroom, it is essential to develop planned serendipity like libraries, advanced computer labs, observatories, sports facilities etc. A well-sourced library facilitates the creation of new knowledge, communication, and ideas. It tickles the minds of students and prompts them to acquire more information, to think beyond the possibilities, and empowers them to bring a change.

Food & Canteen: The food service department of the universities also have undergone luxurious changes. It’s time to say bye to cramped up and dingy cafeteria. It’s time to welcome a properly built canteen space with food that switches on all our senses with its fragrance. These upscale spaces are built to enhance the dining experiences of students while they indulge in conversations and socialize.

International Relation Office: To subsequently increase interaction, promote collaborations between students and provide international exposure, a new vision in the form of international relations office has become an important reality for colleges. Universities are heavily investing in building relations with study-abroad consultants in India to nurture, protect and promote the higher dreams of its students

Auditorium and Theatre Spaces: A common creative space works to attract attention from college students. These auditorium spaces act as great venues for lectures, musical programmes, competition etc. housing various events and workshops for students.

Computer Labs: Addressing the present day needs of the students, it is prerequisite for colleges to offer technically advanced facilities tailored to the student’s requirements to enable them to excel in their fields. Therefore, laboratories these days are equipped with the latest hardware & software to provide quality and technologically advanced education to meet the challenging needs of the ever growing IT sector.

Through these changing demographics, colleges are designing their infrastructure for student’s success. The wellbeing of students has become a priority among universities to stay competitive in the game and attract heightened enrollment.

With a deeper understanding of the students learning process, universities are aiming to personalize learning to set higher education standards. Poornima University too runs with the ambition to become a world-class education provider. We at Poornima combine traditional teaching concepts with digital technology to tailor the learning process for students. We are committed to continuous enhancement of facilities and amenities to improve learning outcomes and facilitate innovation.

For students, Poornima is home away from home and we are committed to make this experience and stay beautiful for them.

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