Testimonial by Ar. Shlok Modi at Poornima University

It has always been “a space of exchange”, for there are days when I still reach back to my gurus, almost like a nurturing tree. As I stepped into the real-time version, the one thing I will always be grateful for SPA is EXPOSURE!

Ar. Shlok Modi, Placed in SM Architects

It was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of Poornima University where I can grow. Our grooming for placement started in the first few months including sessions of Campus & Recruitment Training, Training & Placement Sessions. Huge respect & love for all faculty members. It’s their efforts that make me count myself into better professionals.

Testimonial by Mohit Soni - CS at Poornima University

Mohit Soni – CS, Placed in Infosys HackWithInfy

Testimonial by Harshwardhan Singh Rathore - CS at Poornima University

It was a very enriching experience at Poornima University. Besides practical projects, I also got an opportunity to participate in a number of sports and other curricular activities. Thank you so much Poornima University for inheriting these qualities.

Harshwardhan Singh Rathore – CS, Placed in Byju’s

“Your dream, Our goal” – Indeed! Poornima University provides the perfect environment to chase dreams and aim high. Hard-working, dedicated and skilled people are here to groom students and make them ready for their distinct survival in the industry.

Testimonial by Kajal at Poornima University

Kajal – CS, Placed in DeCurtis

Testimonial by Sauradeep Niyogi at Poornima University

During my stay of four years at Poornima University, I came across various people of different cultures and experiences. I had received a lot of opportunities to groom myself, thanks to my ever-inspiring mentors who helped me to discover the talented part of myself. Being able to have national and international exposures and representing the University during various conferences imparted the confidence I needed to start my career as a Research Analyst at Quippo Oil and Gas. No wonder the university is new and is still striving to achieve excellence, but in the due time, it has definitely set benchmarks in the academia and is relentlessly trying to achieve the heights in rendering the world-class education.

Sauradeep Niyogi, Research Analyst at Quippo Oil and Gas

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Education means teaching people with right values, knowledge and giving them the environment to explore their understanding which may be fruitful for their career. Poornima University does the same. It is usually heard that what is seen remains in brain for longer rather than what is written or read. Poornima University and all departments including department of mechanical engineering gives much emphasis on improving practical skills of student more than theoretical skills. Practical skills give student the exposer of industries which is the only base for exponential growth of an employee. When I was graduated from this university, I gave my career, an admiring growth with the only lessons learnt here and I am truly indebted for this.

Testimonial by Kapil Jain at Poornima University

Kapil Jain, Quality Engineer, Shilpa Alloys

[email protected]

Testimonial by Daksh Arya at Poornima University

Joining Poornima University through B.Tech(M.E.) Program was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. PU provides you with plenty of opportunities in every field. Besides that you’re part of a sweet Family with cordial Environment. PU fills you with confidence to tackle turbulence of life. I am very happy and satisfied to Join PU.

Daksh Arya, B.Tech (M.E.)

[email protected]

Poornima University has been a great contributor towards overall development of my personality. The exceptional programmes and industry exposure helped me to strive for success. By the guidance of the excellent mentors of mechanical department and my hardwork, i flew high in the right direction of my life. Thanking for such a beautiful journey at Poornima University. Its family.

Testimonial by B. Sagar at Poornima University

B. Sagar, Junior Engineer, Andaman Public Works Department (APWD)

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Testimonial by Ankita Chattarjee at Poornima University

PU proves to be a pool of opportunities for every student who is willing enough to chase down their dreams. It not just provides you with various platforms to showcase your abilities and skill but also helps you to learn all soft skills that are highly required. You get training on interview skills, communication skills, life skills, and effective time management many more. I am proud of this decision of mine as well as thankful to the ever supportive faculty and management.

Ankita Chattarjee, B.Tech (M.E.)

[email protected]

My four years at Poornima University have been excellent and a memory to cherish. My life at Poornima University made me stronger and took me a step ahead for being an independent women. I thank my Mechanical Department and its faculty members for encouraging me to think globally and spread my wings to take off for the land of rising sun and I appreciate the support of my university for shaping my career.

Testimonial by Sakshi Mishra at Poornima University

Sakshi Mishra, Intern- Minda TG Rubber, Haryana

[email protected]

Testimonial by Harsh Babbar at Poornima University

At Poornima University the faculties push and guide the students to do everything new every day. Creativity is what we do and to be creative is our aim. In our campus faculties are not only the guide, here we take knowledge by each and everything whether its seniors or juniors, from books and from live cause studies. Competition plays a major role in giving us the field of knowledge and also enhances our personality.

Harsh Babbar, B.Arch.


I have been absolutely thankful and overwhelmed with the positivity, opportunities and overall education University programs and its instructors have offered me. Poornima University has granted me the tools, motivation and information to follow and establish my dream. The university offers dozens of activities, clubs and amenities in order to keep students active on campus.

Testimonial by Pratiksha Shaktawat at Poornima University

Pratiksha Shaktawat, , B.Arch


Testimonial by Nivedita khare at Poornima University

PIHM is the first private university that provides a degree affiliated with NCHMCT. It has the best infrastructure with training restaurants and all the necessities that a Hotel Management student requires. Being a hostel student it always accomplishes the need for the home. The teachers are extremely supportive and open for their guidance at any hour of the day. The institute consists of all the extraordinary facilities that a student wishes in a dream institution.

Nivedita khare, PIHM


"Your dreams our goal " this tagline of Poornima University is indeed true. It is the place where one gets groomed into self-reliant, confident, dynamic gentlemen, by imbibing qualities like punctuality, confidence, discipline, ability to work under pressure, hard work and so on. If you want a holistic development of your personality, then Poornima University is the best place you can land upon.

Testimonial by Hemraj Singh at Poornima University

Hemraj Singh, B.Sc., School of Science & Humanities.


Testimonial by Jayant Bhatia at Poornima University

Poornima University has always believed in helping and guiding their students. The best thing about being a student here is the number of opportunities which they provide. The faculty members make sure that all the sessions are interactive and interesting in nature. They use a lot of case studies, discussions, role-plays and many innovative ways of evaluation.

Jayant Bhatia,,BBA


Poornima University is a place where your voice is heard and your opinion counts. It proves to be a pool of opportunities for me. No matter which part of the country you are fromyou will most probably find someone from your place at Poornima University as most of the students are from all across the country and also includes foreign students.

Testimonial by Safikul Islam at Poornima University

Safikul Islam, BBA


Testimonial by Rakshali Kumawat at Poornima University

As an undergraduate, you constantly hear how getting your MBA can help you advance faster and get better jobs. In my experience, this information is entirely true. Earning my MBA from the Poornima University, School of Management, provided me with numerous benefits and opportunities during my first year in the workplace. I am thankful for making my future endeavour successful.

Rakshali Kumawat , MBA


Testimonial by Abhilasha Sharma at Poornima University

“Talent not Showcased is Talent Wasted”. A never-miss opportunity is provided to each of the students enrolled in Poornima University. Think different that’s one thing of many at Poornima University which urges in and to far intend succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need.

Abhilasha Sharma,BCA


I appreciate the Infrastructure and Facilities provided at Poornima University. The campus, central library, laboratories, online exam lab, workshops, seminar hall are spectacular. I am impressed with the teaching-learning methodologies adopted for the benefit of students.

Testimonial by Nanjae Cho at Poornima University

Prof. (Dr.) Nanjae Cho,Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea)

Testimonial by Brigitte Gouwy at Poornima University

Poornima is continuously improving their learning pathways and facilities to gain optimal results for their students. I would like to thank Poornima for the opportunity given to me and look forward to visiting the University again”.

Brigitte Gouwy, Foreign Visitor, Belgium

Excellent pedagogy of the teacher’s right from the beginning helps us to nurture our technical skills to facilitate the same. Several Workshops, National & International conferences are organized to provide an exposure to Industry 4.0. CRT classes are included as a part of our curriculum to pre-nurture us towards the placement drives.

Testimonial by Abhinav Batra at Poornima University

Abhinav Batra, BCA


Testimonial by Umang Patni at Poornima University

Talent not showcased is the talent wasted, University gives us an opportunity to explore and show our skills. The CIE system is really impressive as it results in regular study.

Umang Patni , (B.Arch.), School of Planning & Architecture


As a technocrat, PU has nurtured a sense of responsibility towards the society. Innovative teaching learning style and tutor system have promoted an intellectual excellence in me. TEP and PCC made me a complete techno professional.

Testimonial by Anish Laxmikant Mishra at Poornima University

Anish Laxmikant Mishra,School of Engineering & Technology

(Placed in Cruiseline Ship Mgmt.(P) Ltd.), anishme2350@poornima(dot)edu(dot)in

Testimonial by Siddhi Pareek at Poornima University

Poornima University offers the latest specializations, an innovative teaching, learning style and tutor system happens to be an integral part of the system which helps us to develop our hidden talent. It enables us to showcase our skills and provides a perfect blend of technical and soft-skills to make us industry ready.

Siddhi Pareek, BCA


It is a rewarding experience being a part of PU. It has changed my mind set as I am applying different approach to my life and work. I am well aware about industries need and practicing employability quotient in me under the guidance of faculty members.

Testimonial by Ankush at Poornima University

Ankush , (B.Com.),


Testimonial by Lakhan Kumar Kumawat at Poornima University

Poornima University stands ahead of others in Infrastructure, Faculty, Discipline and Facilities. Extensive curriculum develops skills and ability to think independently for decision taking. Additional courses boost my confidence and employability.

Lakhan Kumar Kumawat , (BCA), School of Basic & Applied Sciences


Zonal NASA gave us a great opportunity to interact with leading architects of India. The Poornima University has provided us a comfortable stay. I have never experienced such a heart touching hospitality ever before.

Testimonial by Preet at Poornima University

Preet, Aayojan School of Architecture

Testimonial by Amir Khan at Poornima University

Studying at Poornima University has been a wonderful experience. Workshops, seminars and conferences for every field are organised by the university throughout the semesters. During the duration of the course, students are trained on their critical thinking and soft skills. Mock drives are organised in order to prepare the students for placements.

Amir Khan, MBA


At Boys Hostel, we join various hostel clubs, Mentor Classes, which is an innovative way of exploring hidden talents, implementing new ideas, development hobbies as well as brushing our minds. I am grateful to Chief Warden for building & maintaining a healthy atmosphere at the hostel.

Testimonial by Pranav Mishra at Poornima University

Pranav Mishra, MBA


Testimonial by Sheetal Singh at Poornima University

At Poornima University one gets to learn practical as well as theoretical knowledge. I am really thankful to the faculties for putting in efforts to groom us and make us industry ready. Poornima University has provided me a great platform to enhance my skills and build my confidence level by participating in many events and delivering presentations which helps to overcome stage fear and hesitation.

Sheetal Singh, MBA


The name says it all (Punctuality and intelligence in Hotel management). Being a part of the pilot batch of PIHM, I learned to believe in myself and to always move forward in life. I learned many more qualities in this beautiful environment that is full of experienced and supportive faculties.

Testimonial by Aashi Johari at Poornima University

Aashi Johari,PIHM


Testimonial by Deepak Kumawat at Poornima University

PIHM provides us an opportunity to grow and help us to achieve our goals. The faculty members are highly experienced and supportive. The infrastructure of PIHM is the best all over Jaipur in terms of quantity kitchen, bar & restaurant. Poornima University also provides us with sports facilities.

Deepak Kumawat, PIHM


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