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The following points will give you a quick preview of what all should be taken care of before you depart from your home Country.

Document Checklist

  • Original and photocopy of Academic Transcripts
  • Make sure that you carry the originals, copies of your certificates/degrees and at least 10 passport sized photographs.
  • Original and photocopy of passport/ national ID
  • Ensure that your fee has been transferred and received by the University and you should carry the original fee transfer receipt as a proof at the time of reporting.
  • Also ensure that you have taken all the required vaccinations, to avoid medical complications while you are in India at the Immigration check point at International Airport Jaipur.
  • Also ensure that you carry the letter of admission issued by the University at the time of reporting at University.

Other Important information

  • Students are advised to carry sufficient amount of cash as per their living standard and if carrying in US Dollars or any other currency, get it converted from foreign exchange counter at Airport or other relevant place.
  • Keep all the valuables, important documents (Passport, Visa papers) in the Cabin baggage, to avoid the possibility of their getting misplaced during baggage in transit.
  • The electric standard in India works on 230 V. So, ensure that you have an adapter for your mobile or laptop if it operates on a different voltage in your country. Also the electric sockets are 2 or 3 pin so ensure that you carry a converter in case required.
  • Whilst everything is available in India, however try to get all personal things that you would require during the initial few days. All the essentials can be availed from the University shops.
  • Student should inform for their pick at Jaipur International Airport to International Admission department via e mail, at least two weeks prior to departure from their home country and provide the complete flight details so as to avail the complementary pick up service.
  • Keep a note of numbers of University Helpline for International students with you.

Complementary Pick up facility

Pickup will be provided from Jaipur International Airport on following terms:

  • Intimation provided to International office through E-Mail at least two weeks before the arrival date.
  • Pick up facility can be availed from August only. Intimation must be provided in the following Performa:
  • Student Name Country Airline Flight Number Arrival Date Arrival Time
  • Please confirm from International Admission Office about the pickup vehicle details before you start traveling.
  • In case of delay in intimation, students will bear the travel responsibility themselves.
  • No pick-up facility will be provided before or after the mentioned dates.

Reporting Date

New academic session is scheduled to begin from September 1, 2019. The students will be allowed to stay in hostel accommodation only if Accommodation facility is booked in advance and Hostel Fee has been paid for one year. For the students who have not booked hostel facility, will be allowed to stay in campus hostel only for one night. Such students will either deposit Hostel fee on the second day of their reporting at campus to continue their stay inside campus accommodation or will have to move outside campus in their private accommodation. Students who want to stay in a hostel should have to submit their Hostel fee at the time of arrival.

Visa Processing (Not applicable in case of Bhutanese and Nepalese students)

The visa processing is the responsibility of student’ themselves. It is advised to students to apply for the visa well in time to avoid any kind of delay in reporting to the university campus within the prescribed period of date. Visa must be a Student Type visa and should be endorsed by the name of Poornima University, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India).

Medical Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all International Students and one copy of Insurance has to be submitted at the University along with the verification of Original Transcripts.
Medical Insurance can either be purchased from your travel agents at time of your Air Ticket booking.
Can be purchased from University campus immediately on arrival and reporting. Insurance policy for one year will cost between USD80 to USD100.

What to bring

The temperature of Jaipur during summer (May-June-July) ranges between 30 degree centigrade to 48 degree centigrade and during winters (November- December-January) 10 degree centigrade to 20 degree centigrade, so it is advised to pack your bag accordingly. During remaining Months it’s usually pleasant (autumn and spring)

Before departure, students must search and gain some knowledge about the university administration and location, about India & Local Culture, Food, Whether and Tourist places.

The following points must be noted to all the students clearly:

  • Poornima University is a Non-Alcoholic Campus.
  • We have zero tolerance for Indiscipline and Ragging.
  • PU is a Wi-fi enabled campus so it’s suggested to carry own laptop.
  • We welcome formal and decent dressing code. Student uniform code is mandatory on every Wednesday.
  • Hostel rooms are equipped with Mattress, Pillow, Initial welcome toiletries. Whereas, personal toiletries, Bed sheet & cover, Pillow cover and all other personalized items can be purchased from University Tuck Shops.
  • Indian mobile sim cards can be purchased either from outlets inside campus or can be purchased from any mobile shop outside University campus.
  • Hostel room once allotted will be final and no shuffling will be allowed.

The following points will give you a quick preview of what all should be taken care of before you depart from your home Country.

University Registration

After arrival, all the students have to report initially to International Admission Department and get themselves registered with the University. Documents required for registration with University are as follows:

  • Original and photocopy of Academic Transcripts
  • Original and photocopy of Passing certificate
  • Applicable Fees – Minimum 1st semester tuition fees and 1st year hostel fees (if opted)
  • Fees deposition receipt / proof, in case of pre deposition of said amount.
  • 20 Passport size color photographs
  • Original work experience relevant certificate (if applicable)
  • Residential Proof
  • Original copy of Passport, National ID/Citizenship card (whichever is applicable). Student must retain the 2 sets of color photocopies of the relevant document.

Payment of Due Tuition and Hostel Fees

All due Tuition fee including Hostel fee is to be paid at the time of registration with the university. Please remember that the balance Academic tuition fees is to be paid on semester basis and Hostel fee (if opted) has to be paid on annual basis only. Any delay in clearing the payment due to any of the reason may result into the delay in registration. Please also note that All types of fees must be paid in the form of demand draft (DD) in favour of “Poornima University” payable at Jaipur & must bear student name, course, semester and registration no. at the back. For all delayed payments, a late fine @ $ 1 per day will be charged from the last date of depositing the fee.

Local Police Registration (not applicable in case of Nepalese and Bhutanese students)

  • The FRRO Process is mandatory for all the foreign Nationals (except Nepalese and Bhutanese) studying in India. The FRRO has to be completed within first 14 days of their arrival in India. The student has to provide the University with a copy of the FRRO Certificate for the records. Beyond 14 days, a penalty of USD 30 is levied by the concerned authorities to the student for FRO Registration. For more information related to FRRO you may visit the following website:
  • Bhutanese & Nepalese nationals shall be required to Register Form S under FSIS processing. This is Mandatory for all International students from Nepal and Bhutan.
  • It will be the sole responsibility of the student to provide all his valid National ID, Passport, Visa, Photographs, Affidavit, etc. for FRO & FSIS Processing.

Students can seek FRO related information and help from the University through following e-mail: [email protected]

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