Academic Facilities

Student Services

Academic Facilities
Poornima University provides a magnificent and comprehensive range of facilities within the campus for its students. The classrooms at Poornima University are contemporary, equipped with projectors and computers. The university frequently organizes National & International level Conferences and Seminars on various themes and disciplines to promote industry interaction for its students.
The auditorium and seminar rooms at Poornima are up to date with state-of-the-art multimedia systems that can be used for presentations, seminars, fests, and other academic events. The library is well equipped with a vast number of books, journals, magazines and newspapers for students. The development of state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical facilities has been a continuous process at Poornima University. The laboratories provide practical exposure to various subjects and give an opportunity to the students to experiment with what they have learned in classrooms.
Class Rooms
Poornima University has ICT enabled classrooms with wi-fi connection, LAN and projectors that provides dynamic and proactive teaching-learning environment for the students. Process of adoption of ICT is an ongoing process that fully support teaching and learning. The teachers of Poornima University are currently using ICT in classrooms in the form of power point presentations, NPTEL videos, spoken tutorials, online quizzes, use of e-books and are in the process of developing and implementing e-lectures so that the students be benefited even beyond classroom.
Computer Labs
Poornima University upgrades its IT infrastructure and its associated facilities regularly to keep pace with standards up to satisfaction level. The University has upgraded all the classrooms across campus to pleasant environment for the study with ICT, High Speed Wi-Fi and latest audio/video integrations.
The University has also expanded the existing internet bandwidth to 1 GBPS. The University has upgraded Laptops, Desk Tops, Servers, Scanners, Copiers and Printers. The University provides its students with state of the art, well-furnished computer labs, with more than 1000 computers exclusively for students; computing centres with internet enabled computers to serve the day-to-day computing needs of students. Language labs with student consoles and language lab software along with digitalised audio and video material to develop interactive language skills are available for the students.
An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation ensures that all processes within the University are computerised and information is readily accessible to authorised users (administrators, faculty and students).
E-learning rooms (Swayam/MOOCs)
The E-Learning Rooms have been developed at Poornima University to support students in their studies. We aim to promote and expand the use of E-Learning across the University to enhance the student experience. We strive to ensure that our facilities can reflect the excellence of the teaching, learning and research which is expected of a world-class institution. To meet this need, center to University to adopt the use of state-of-the-art technological innovations, to enable the university community to realise its potential in academic excellence for a lifelong learning culture.
Highlights of E-learning Rooms:
  • Supports the use of E-Learning across the institution
  • Wi-Fi enabled rooms offering exceptional connectivity
  • The rooms have access to Online Library
  • Specialised databases, electronic books and journals are available for all students
  • Printing facility available for the students and staff
Admission Counselling
Poornima University counsellors helps in assisting and understanding about the relevant and imparting more knowledge about the education, University, faculty, admission procedure and many other related things. The queries include about curriculum, professors and also questions on the appropriate professional course(s) for the prospective candidate.
The University has well trained and qualified counsellors, ample space for meetings between counsellors & candidates and at times counsellors from outside are made available for guidance and advice.
Theatre & Seminar Rooms
At Poornima University theatre and the seminar rooms are extensively setup for regular interfaces, guest lectures, presentations, conferences, cultural events and other academic activities. We have multiple seminar rooms equipped with the latest audiovisual facilities.
These facilities provide an excellent environment to support teaching and learning for both staff and students with complete audio-visual support.