Scope of Architecture in India and Overseas: Eligibility, Career, and More

The past decade has proved to be a golden period for individuals in the girls of architecture owing to the rapid surge in urbanization that eventually led to robust infrastructural development. While the demand seems to continue at a fast pace, students aspiring to make a career in this field can expect a promising future. The world is beautified with marvellous buildings, bridges, parks, malls, sports arenas, public transport networks, and our own sweet homes. And, architects deserve to be immensely lauded for this. Their creative minds amalgamated with the latest technologies can indeed make wonders. Oscillating between science and arts, a career in architecture can be challenging and enjoyable at the same time. If students find their niche in the science of curating coupled with the art of aesthetics, they are more than eligible for pursuing formal training in architecture. There is no dearth of architectural marvels like Burj Khalifa, Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, etc. While winning the title as “Architectural Marvels”, these exceptional sites are created by none other than the supremely creative minds of architects that moved at the speed of light.. If you wish to create your own iconic towers, skyscrapers, buildings, and more, get yourself enrolled in one of the top colleges in India for B. Arch, Poornima where you will be welcomed to a magical world of architecture.

What is the role of an Architect?

Architecture can be touted as a multi-faceted field which allows architects to take the plunge into diverse works such as aesthetics, spatial design, material management, safety management, and many more. The core role of an architect is to see the clients’ requirements from their perspective. From feasible design to budget to research & analysis, all the key aspects need to be emphasized by the ‘architecture. While being a creative problem solver, an architect’s prime goal should be converting clients’ ideas into reality while keeping in mind all the aforementioned aspects. An architect always needs to be always on his toes at all stages; right from the birth of an idea till the inauguration of a building/structure. Some of the other basic requirements include documentation, research, drawing, cost estimation, and construction. All in all, expression, vision, and understanding quality needs to be at par. Therefore, if your base becomes strong at the academic level while having the gist of these aspects, you are bound to have a bright future in the field of architecture. Poornima University is one such institution where the experienced faculty teaches students the in and out about the professional world and this is what makes us one of the best architecture colleges in India.

Job prospects for architects

The dawn of one’s career in architecture is likely to be practical centered where he/she will be learning about striking the right balance between the client’s requirement and the output. If this bridge is crossed, they can take various big projects and accomplish them with complete enthusiasm. As a huge boom is seen in the Architecture industry, students who foresee themselves devoted to the field of Architecture can expect colossal scope. There are numerous options available with top builders, private consultancies, construction companies, and several more. Depending upon their interest, aspirants can apply for private firms and public sector firms as well. Post gaining substantial experience, they can also open their firm and work independently or can also take up several freelance projects. All this and so much more lucrative is possible only when you get the right education/knowledge from the right place.

Eligibility and exams for architecture

If you are wondering what are the requirements for a bachelors or masters in architecture, here we are solving all your queries! For B.Arch. admission students need to be passed in 10 + 2 with subjects including Physics, Chemistry & Maths from CBSE, ICSE or any other equivalent board. Another alternative requirement is the students must have a 10+3 Diploma along with maths that is inclusive of a valid NATA Score as per NATA 2021 guidelines and COA (Council of Architecture) norms. If they are seeking a Master’s degree in Planning/Architecture, a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with minimum of 50% (5.75 CGPA on 10 points scale and equivalent) and 45% (5.25 CGPA on 10 points scale and equivalent) in case of SC/ST/OBC is required.

How Poornima University helps aspiring architects

Ranked among 13 top B Arch colleges in India by Outlook Magazine, we, at Poornima University, make a perfect ground where architecture aspirants can weave their dreams into reality. We swear upon polishing the talent of students with optimal education and the dexterity of the mentors. While being well-acquainted with the industry requirements and status, we always ensure that students gain knowledge from all the sides and this is also what makes us the best university in Rajasthan. We are ready to welcome you for an exciting architectural journey where you will find a perfect place to learn all that you want. So, reach out to us and get yourself enrolled in B Arch 2021. Let us help you fulfil your dreams!
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