Scope & Job Opportunities For Fashion Designing Career In India & Abroad

In recent years, fashion designing has garnered huge popularity among students. It is now considered to be a great career option that can take designers to new heights. Today is the era when individuals don’t ponder over much before splurging on clothing or accessories. Compared to previous times, today’s lifestyle is much more demanding and free from any limitations. Hence, the demand for designers has increased exponentially to cater to the versatile choices of the people. Although fashion designing comes with vast challenges and intense competition, it is also quite financially rewarding. With a passion for design and zeal to learn, students can have a successful & promising career in India and overseas as well. Upon the completion of the course, students will find a number of choices waiting to be embraced by them. From fashion houses to manufacturing units to owning a fashion brand or studio, the options are plenty. The profession is not confined to design apparel only, but also jewelry, accessories, jewelry, and bags as well. There’s no denying the fact that this multifaceted stream is replete with opportunities. All individuals need to do is to channelize their choices in the right manner. Here are some of the most common and highly-demanded job roles related to fashion designing:

Fashion Designer:

Considered as the key players in the fashion industry, fashion designers need no introduction. Their prime job role is to design garments/apparel as per the industry trends and forecast fashion with a creative mindset. While it needs individuals to be highly creative, it can be immensely rewarding if the ideas are fresh and new. If you wish to pursue a fashion designing course in Jaipur, Poornima University which is one of the top universities in Rajasthan makes the right choice for you!

Fashion Consultant:

The role of Fashion Consultants is to shape up their clients’ fashion sense. They need to be extremely proactive with current trends and suggest their clients accordingly. Moreover, they also need to have aesthetic eyes for fashion and what will suit their client. This will not only help clients pick the best garments for themselves but will also make Fashion Consultants understand the demand of customers. 

Fashion Merchandiser:

The core responsibility of Fashion Merchandisers is to analyze past trends coupled with the latest ones. The need to curate several fashion strategies that a retail store or fashion provider can merchandize. Merchandizers are required to have a strong sense of fabrics, colors, textures, and fashion trends. 

Fashion Illustrator:

One of the most creative jobs is of a Fashion Illustrator. The key deliverables of this role to prepare primary sketches directed by a Fashion Designer. Also called the running hands of designers’ creative minds, illustrations need a strong connection with the thoughts of the designer. If one excels in this profession, then the opportunities are countless. Being one of the best fashion designing colleges in Jaipur, we have a team of tutors who are perfect in each aspect of fashion designing. So, grab the opportunity now. 

Fashion Stylist:

Inclined more towards the glam side of the fashion industry, this job role is all about maintaining dress code, make-up, hairstyle, and making the models look put together. Although this field does not need designing, having a substantial fashion sense is a must. They are the ones who help models dress up before bringing them in front of the designers. Since there’s a surge in fashion shows these days, Fashion Stylists are high in demand, in India and abroad as well.  Apart from the above important job roles, there are various other profiles that can be pursued. Some of these include Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Marketer, Fashion Concept Manager, Quality Controller, Fashion Show Organizers, and Technical Designer. Once aspirants complete their course, they will get exposed to a wide range of opportunities. They can join top-notch fashion design companies such as Shahi Exports, Raymonds, Levis, Omega Designs, Pantaloons, Arvind Garments, Modelama Exports, Kimaya, Orient Craft, Lifestyle, and Benetton. If they wish to launch their own brand, they can definitely go for it. 

Pros of pursuing Fashion Designing

  • Aspirants can follow their passion for fashion
  • Starting a business in fashion becomes easier
  • One can churn out a good amount of money
  • Several travel opportunities are associated with it
  • Utilizing creative skills becomes easier and more accessible
  • One will get to meet people from all walks of life
With each passing day, people are becoming more fashion-conscious, hence the demand for fashion designers is also rising with a promising career. If fashion aspirants are seeking the Best university in Rajasthan, their search ends here at Poornima University where the right direction is proffered to students. With a practical-based approach, we provide several essential elements to students that are conducive to learning. While being the best private university in Rajasthan,  we ensure that our students are mentored by highly skilled tutors. In addition to this, we also profoundly work on increasing the employability of candidates. So, if you have settled upon pursuing Fashion Designing, now is the time to apply 
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