The School of Science and Humanities brings together the former School of Basic and Applied Science into a cohesive cross-disciplinary unit providing greater opportunities in teaching and research. The School aims at imparting quality education in the conventional areas of Science & Humanities and blooming into a center for teaching, learning and research with an aim to acquire excellence in the academic endeavor. It offers broad based graduate program with the aim of producing scholars who can meet the requirement of the global demand of the trained man power in research and industries along with creating an environment of highly professional competence to carry out research of both basic and applied nature.

The School has a unique mentor-mentee system, where every student is guided by a faculty member. Faculty member are very much committed and work efficiently to develop foundational skills so that students achieve their goals in desired fields like teaching, Govt. service, private service, administration, advertising, customer service, journalism, management, public relation, publishing etc.



  • Engages in collaborative research with some of the State’s renowned centers and institutes
  • Extensive curriculum designed by industry and academic experts
  • Well-equipped physics and chemistry lab
  • Mandatory summer training for industry exposure
  • Focus on application & outcome based learning
  • Inspiring faculties from both academia and research organizations
  • MOOC & other online certification courses
  • Excellent opportunity of learning in interdisciplinary environment.
  • Provides a hands-on approach to modern laboratory practices and instrumentation supported by curricula in analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry, matter, motion and the mysteries of the universe.
  • Foster learning and discovery through engaged classroom and research experiences, students graduate with the expertise to pursue careers in academia, professional programs, industry and government.
  • Rich Campus Life
  • Access to journals and research papers through DELNET, IEEE, NIMBUS, GREENR etc.
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