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You might have experienced Monday blues, but are you having those back-to-class blues? There is a strong wave of emotions amongst the students- some of them are overwhelmed, some excited to return to pre-pandemic life, while some are anxious and have worries about resuming the classes knowing the fact that Covid-19 is still going to be a part of our daily lives. Well, resuming in-person classes after such a long virtual break is just like an adjustment for all of us. So, what can be done to tackle these emotions? Firstly, don’t panic about getting back. Secondly, also don’t rush into it; take things one day at a time, be patient and let things unfold at their own pace. Let us give you a quick rundown of some tips that could ease the switch.

How to Ease the Transition from Online to Offline?

  • Acknowledge the Situation

Acknowledge and make par with the fact that things will not immediately get back to as they were before the pandemic. It will take time to get used to being around each other. You need to set your own comfort level. So, if you are having problems being around a couple of people, don’t force yourself to be there. Have patience, express your concerns, talk about them and gradually you’ll feel the anxiety going away.
  • Stay Safe

If you’re worried about catching the virus, take proper precautions. Wear a mask, get vaccinated, meet people in well-ventilated areas, maintain social distancing and keep washing your hands.
  • Meditate

If you’re just anxious in general, it might affect your ability to maintain a healthy routine, resulting in eating and sleeping disorders, mood swings, heightened irritation. One of the most effective methods to curb this anxiousness is to practice mindful meditation and breathing techniques like box breathing.
  • Be Positive

If you’ve daydreaming or overthinking yourself into unrealistic situations, you need to stop. And instead of going upset about the things that bother you, cultivate appreciation and self-affirmation. Identify three positive things about each day, and why you appreciate them. Also practice self-affirmations, for instance, “I can”.
  • Pay Attention to Your Daily Schedule

It is important to keep reminding yourself that life cannot always be contained within the 4 walls of your home. It is important to get out and appreciate what’s out there. Also, make sure that you stay hydrated and get enough sleep (7-10 hours). Face your anxiety and challenges head-on with these tips, and you’ll be all better off in no time.
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