Research Advisory Committee

Research Advisory Committee aka Advanced Study Research Committee


To emerge as a globally renowned research and knowledge-driven University through cutting-edge technology, innovation and excellence in multidisciplinary fields to serve society and industry


To encourage & inculcate research and innovation practices in faculty members and scholars. To provide scientific industrial research and development atmosphere that maximizes the technical, economic, environmental and societal benefit.
To facilitate collaboration and networking with industries and external funding agencies in order to excel in multi-disciplinary fields.
To promote National & International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops in association with professional bodies for innovative and beneficial outcomes.
To become of renowned center for creation and dissimilation of knowledge.


To ensure quality research at M. Tech and Ph.D. level- Primary. To inculcate research process in Master’s degree students leading to fetch a good quality dissertation report and the publications.
To inculcate research methodology and its concepts in Ph.D. students leading to a strong thesis proposal and a quality research work and publications thereafter.


The Advanced Studies & Research Committee shall consist of the following members, namely: President (Vice-Chancellor) as Chairman;
Pro-President (Pro Vice Chancellor) as member
Provost (senior administrative officers) as Member
All Deans & Heads as Member(s)
One senior teacher not below the rank of Associate Professor or equivalent nominated by the Chairperson -Member Coordinator Research-teacher/officer not below the rank of Associate Professor or equivalent to be nominated by the President – Member.
Such number of External experts from the relevant fields co-opted by the President for specific meetings. Dean (R&D) – Member Secretary
All nominated members shall hold their membership for a period of two years. However, the persons so nominated shall be eligible for re-nomination for further terms.

Powers and Functions of the Advanced Studies & Research Committee (ASRC)

The Advanced Studies & Research Committee shall regulate and oversee the formulation and conduct of Doctoral and Post-Doctoral instructions and all research Programs of the University, in accordance with the directions of the Academic Council.
The Advanced Studies & Research Committee shall consider and may approve recommendations of the Boards of Studies and School Research Committees on all academic matters within the scope of Clause (i).
The Advanced Studies & Research Committee shall formulate procedure for consideration and approval of proposals for registration for studies at doctoral level degrees, and for all other matters concerning the supervision and evaluation of research work under such doctoral Programs, and recommend them to the Academic Council.
On behalf of the Committee, the President may act on recommendations given by examiners on Ph.D. thesis and take necessary decisions based on the relevant Ordinances or Regulations made under the Statutes.
The Advanced Studies & Research Committee may recommend to the Academic Council criteria for formulation and execution of research proposals by teachers and/or scholars attached to the University.
The minutes of the meeting of the Advanced Studies & Research Committee shall be placed before the Academic Council for consideration.
The Advanced Studies & Research Committee may make recommendations to the Academic Council on all matters within the scope of its functions.
The quorum of the ASRC shall be not less than two-third of its members. To meet as and when required.