A promising career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design

A career in Design is one of the most promising choices for many students, inclined to the creative field. Design is a professional field that allows students to think out of the box. Everything from a laptop to a huge building is a result of great design. The most fascinating part of design is that it provides versatility and flexibility to people who want to work in this field. Basically, the field of design includes everything such as virtual spaces, graphics, physical spaces, illustrations and photographs that impact our daily decisions. Poornima University understands the value of a design degree in the creative industry and allows aspirants to develop better creative skills while exploring their desired work field.

The design degree course takes between three to five years to complete and there is no doubt that studying design can be challenging if one doesn’t have a creative mind and the eagerness to learn. By pursuing a design degree course from Poornima University one can become equipped with an ideal combination of theoretical and practical skills. A majority of graduates specialize in specific work areas, for example, 3D or 2D design, product or web design, fashion or textiles or photography but there are other courses that give a broad overview of the entire process.

These courses are highly competitive and a popular choice for many. As compared to other professions, the design graduates from Poornima University are prepared to deal with on-field difficulties and come up with successful projects.

What you can learn with a design degree

A Design degree can be both narrow and wide when it comes to the content. Some of the most promising subfields of a design degree include illustration, interior design, product design, graphic design, fashion design, furniture design, computer games design, theatre design and jewelry design. Students can choose a particular course in order to reflect their interest and future career choices. The teaching approach differs between the universities and colleges. This makes it important for students to perform a module research and then choose a college or university according to it.

It is best to choose a university that offers industry placement opportunities. Poornima University is one of the top universities in Jaipur that offers a degree in design. At the Poornima University, the major focus not only lies in providing theoretical knowledge to the students but also in providing practical knowledge that helps students attract better job opportunities.

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