Prepare Efficiently for University Admission Interview

Don’t we all work hard and do our best in our senior secondary to achieve the best results? The only motivation each student has in his 12th standard is to score the highest to ensure a good seat in one of the best colleges. However, the battle doesn’t end here. The real battle is securing a place in the college you have always dreamt off.

In this fast paced environment, competition has risen to extreme levels. The demand is on the rise and supply the same. Though there are many engineering colleges in the world, however, to qualify for the best ones is a made a race everybody is aiming to win.

To make admission a fair process, many top colleges require personal interviews. While interviews are a great way to build a connection with the professors before the college even begins and showcase your talent personally, it invites unnecessary anxiety, nervousness, fret, and fear. To face a reputed panel of professors shooting questions at you is a sight one wouldn’t want to face. However, if you are prepared well and know your subject well, then you need not to worry. An interview is the best chance of leaving a lasting impression on the professor and increasing the chances of getting accepted. We’ll help you to prepare well for the interview. Here are some detailed college tips by some exemplary students who left a lasting mark during their interview processes. 1. Know Where You Are Applying Well

While applying for the desired admission in a course of your choice, you should research well. It is important to know the basic details about the college well. In fact, an interview is a great opportunity to clear any doubts or questions you have in mind regarding the college or university. If you know the campus amenities well, you will be in a better position to answer and question back if required. 2. Prepare for the Purpose

Most interviews can be broadly divided into two types: evaluative and informative.

While evaluative interviews test the students on basic factors for the admission process. These factors become a part of the admission process.

Informative interviews are more liberal and require interaction from both ends. Through this both parties can get to know each other well, learn about each other etc.

Poornima University follows a mix of both. So be prepared for both; to be evaluated and to inquire about the college. This will portray your interest in the university and will keep the panel interested as well. 3. Practice Like A Prizefighter

Answering for an interview requires skill and practice. One should know the subject well. One should be thorough to answer every nitty gritty and basic concept revolving around their subject. Ask help from a friend or schools alumnus or a college counselor. Answer all the questions with honesty and sincerity. 4. Prepare for Common Answers

While the interviews are held to inquire about the students’ knowledge of the subject, it also evaluates the factors that make a student unique. Interviewers also ask questions to pertain the student’s personality, their goals, aspirations, and behavior. So practice those responses well too. Try to eliminate any distracting or nervous gestures and be confident. Honesty, confidence and positive attitude are the factors interviewers are looking for. 5. Be Your Best-Self

While it is important to be yourself and not put on any fake façade. It is also important to be your best self at the time of the interview. It is important to highlight your strengths and your sides to the panel judges. The interviewer should find you appealing and worthy enough for the college. You should come across as a student who would be able to put in some value to the college community. 6. Dress Right

As they say, your first impression is your last impression. Therefore dress smartly for the interview. Nobody likes to see an ill-fitted tucked out shirt, unkempt appearance, and improper footwear. Your clothing attire brings you the lost confidence, so trust your clothes well.

Once the interview is over, be humble and thankful. Gratitude is the best attitude. Let your interviewers know how informative and warm the interview process was. As this interview is going to become a part of your admission file, give your best. Interviews are one of the biggest opportunities to our advantage, which one should utilize well. The feeling of preparing for it and cracking it is unmatchable. So while you prepare for your Poornima Interview, remember to be confident. With confidence as your armor, you can win the world.

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