Poornima University Joins The Ranks of Top 100 B-Schools

Awards and recognitions are always welcome, but the sense of achievement multiplies twofold when it comes from a much-coveted and revered source. In a recent survey conducted by The Week, Poornima University has been recognized as one of the top 100 destinations for management studies in India. The Week is one of the largest circulated English news magazines in India. We take this opportunity to thank every member of the Poornima family whose steadfast efforts and hard work have been instrumental in adding this new leaf to Poornima’s elaborate list of achievements.

The Selection Panel

The Hansa Research Best B-Schools Survey was conducted in August through September 2019. The nominees were selected by a diverse panel of students, experts, and recruiters from 21 Indian cities. It comprised of 585 current students, 529 aspiring students, 276 academic experts, and 75 recruiters.

The Selection Criteria

A closed-ended questionnaire was given to the panel to nominate and rank the top 25 B-schools in India and the top B-schools within their city. Further, in-depth interviews were conducted to understand the reasons and criteria behind the ranking. Some of the nominations were rejected as they did not fit the primary ranking criteria i.e

  • Nominated B-Schools must have passed at least three batches.
  • Nominated B-Schools must have admitted more than 50% of the sanctioned intake

Once the final nomination list was prepared, a dedicated website was created and links were sent to all nominated B-schools for collecting factual information. The final ranking was announced based on the response and properly weighted factors.

Ranking Factors
Factors Weightage
Placements 35%
Age and Infrastructure 20%
Faculty and Teaching 15%
Entry Standard 20%
Industry Exposure and Alumni Base 10%
Ranking Highlights

The survey results had more than a few welcome surprises for Poornima University. To begin with, Poornima University has been ranked 36th among the list of top management institutes in North India. As far as countrywide rankings are concerned, Poornima University has been finally successful in breaking into the top 100 private management institutes in the country. It was ranked 98th overall. Here are the ranking highlights:

  • All India Rank – 98 (Among Private Institutes)
  • 36th Rank in North India above Manipal, Amity and JECRC Jaipur.
Business Today Coverage

The survey was also published by Business Today, one of the most popular business magazines in the country. It boasts of a readership of 338,000 per issue, 9th overall among English-language magazines in India.

Best Private B School – India Today

The Week survey sentiment has been equally echoed in the recent edition of the prestigious India Today magazine. The latest November edition of the magazine highlights Poornima University as one of the best destinations for management studies in North India. Out of the top 34 private B-Schools surveyed, Poornima University was ranked number 1, a recognition of Poornima’s conviction towards educational excellence.

It is a reminder of Poornima’s steadfast commitment to offering world-class education in the most affordable and cost-effective manner possible. As Shashikant Singhi, Chairperson Poornima University puts it…

It is a reminder of Poornima’s steadfast commitment to offering world-class education in the most affordable and cost-effective manner possible. As Shashikant Singhi, Chairperson Poornima University puts it…

The Road Ahead

While this recognition is no doubt uplifting and extremely encouraging, we believe there is still a lot to be done and achieved. This is an important milestone and a key indicator of Poornima’s growing stature as a quality education hub. There is still a lot of room for self-improvement and we are sure we can achieve even greater heights in the future.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the members of the Poornima fraternity, including a current and previous batch of students, our support staff, and everybody else for their support and dedication in making Poornima University one of the best MBA colleges in Rajasthan. Also, it is a time to be not blinded by laurels, but a time to further strengthen our commitment towards providing the most affordable world-class education. As we keep reminding our MBA students, it is time that we remind ourselves too with the same principle of success i.e., “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
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