Poornima Fashion Designing Course: Your Journey From Sketch To Runway Begins Here.

‘To learn fashion design is to light a fire, every thread sewn and every fabric cut unveils a story untold.’

Most professional courses emphasize on learning, but the primary prerequisite for a fashion designing course is ‘inspiration.’ As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Poornima’s B.Des (Fashion Designing) course inspires its students to be impeccably creative. Students not only learn the art of the stitch, cut, and design but also the craft to turn their ideas into tangible outputs.

The Poornima Edge

Our 4-year fashion design degree offers an in-depth view of the basic concepts, the basic principle, the history and the psychology that runs the fashion designing industry. Students also get a chance to let their creative juices flow through regular competitions, exhibitions, championship, etc. But none of these match up to the final year fashion event which is a perfect opportunity for final leg students to bring all the tricks and mastery picked up during the course on the design table and create something that’s inspiring and thought-provoking. Poornima feels privileged that the event, over time, has witnessed some of the best works from its students.

What Makes Poornima’s Fashion Designing Course Exceptional?

At Poornima, we believe fashion designers are observers, absorbers, and creators, all wrapped into one.

  • To observe means to look carefully not just at the surface but beyond it.
  • To absorb is to gather information and insights on everything inspiring.
  • To create is to use all your craft to turn observations into inspirations.

Poornima ensures students learn this art in a well-structured, researched, and organized way.

Here are the building blocks that make Poornima’s Fashion Designing Course Exceptional.

Poornima’s Faculty:

Teaching fashion designing is an uphill task. The job demands both vocational and teaching skills. Poornima is proud to have a team of faculty and staff who are well experienced in this domain. They have been part of the industry for decades and are well acquainted with the skills and attitude required to both survive and thrive amidst changing trends of the fashion industry.

Poornima’s Attention To Detail:

‘Attention to Detail’ is the golden rule of fashion and so must be the course. Poornima ensures that the course covers all the basic and practical concepts ranging from pattern making, sketching, and concept ideation to visualization. Other than these students also learn the nitty gritty revolving around garment construction, textile science, and garment industry.

Poornima’s Think Global Act Local Approach:

Very few industries impact global behavior in the way the fashion industry does. Nothing is outdated or too old for fashion. All it requires is the focus and the willingness to bend and mold the existing catalogs into realities of the future. However, Poornima feels that this catalog must also include footprints of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Rajasthan and India. We ensure that students learn the socio-cultural context of India’s colorful culture on design.

Poornima’s Infrastructure:

Poornima offers a state of the art infrastructure to its students. Well-equipped labs, 24*7 libraries, Wi-Fi, gym, eateries, etc. are some of the many facilities that cater to the varying needs of the students.

Poornima’s Alumni and Industry Network:

Like fashion, education is always evolving. A robust alumni network not only offers a credible advantage to the students but equally important is their feedback on the changing fashion landscape. Last but not least, Poornima students get active industry exposure during the entirety of the course through events, seminars, conferences, and alumni meets.

At Poornima, we believe ‘Fashion’ can’t be defined into words, instead it is defined by its creators. It’s a byproduct of all their passion and inspirations. If you feel you have what it takes to shine in the world of fashion, then Poornima is the perfect stepping stone for you. Poornima has the best fashion designing course in Jaipur. Feel free to call or contact for inquiries related to the course or the admission procedure.

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