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“A Brief Report on one-day workshop on Computer Application in Structure & Thermal Analysis on September 10, 2018.”
“A Brief Report on Visit of MBA (Hospital Management) Students to “MEDICALL” an exhibition cum conference from 21st Sept 2018 to 23rd Sept 2018, (New Delhi)”
“A Brief Report on special lecture was arranged for the students EC and EE of III Semester on Data structure and algorithm”
“A Brief Report on National workshop on Patent Drafting 2018”
“A Brief Report on Industrial visit to Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (JMRC) 2018”
“A Brief Report on Visit to RMC Plant, Jaipur was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering for the students of II year”
“A Brief Report on Visit to International Centre For Environmental Audit and Sustainable Development (ICED)”
“A Brief Report on Special Session on “Opportunities in France”
“A Brief Report on One Day seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities of Use of Aluminium Alloys in Automotive Industry (NSCOAAAI)” at Casurina Hall on Saturday, Sept 07, 2018 at Indian Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi”
“A Training Project report on Observing 21CM Line with Horn Antenna”
“A Brief Report on Workshop on Stylized Figure Drawing at department of SDA”
“A Brief Report on workshop of Saree Draping on department of SDA”
“A Brief Report on ISB (Indian School of Bussiness) Leadership Summit 2018”
“A Brief Report on Poornima Trends 2018 3rd Annual Fashion Show”
“A Brief Report on Industrial Visit on August 31, 2018 to Zee Studios, Jaipur”
“A Brief Report on An Industrial Visit to Neemrana, Delhi and Agra for 40 students of MBA 1st semester of Poornima University from 28th to 30th August, 2018”
“A Brief Report on Griha-3 Days Training Program in Department of Architecture”
“A Brief Report on Pravaah Knowledge Lecture Series “Transformation of historic core of cities – A Glocal Context”
“A Brief Report on special session at ‘Effective Communication Skills’ By Dr. Ashish Johri”
“A Brief Report on Industrial Visit to Universal auto foundry Pvt. Ltd.”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – Computer Engineering”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – Civil Engineering”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – Electrical & Electronics Engineering”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – Mechanical Engineering”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – BBA”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – MBA”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – B.Com”
“A Brief Report on Department Day – BCA”
“A Brief Report on Intach Heritage Awards”
“A Brief Report on Industrial visit to Triveni Pumps Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur on 03 August, 2018”
“A Brief Report on Orientation Inauguration programs for B.Tech, B.Voc, BVA – 2018”
“A Brief Report on Foreign Internship at Keramic soeherto, Indonesia”
“Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing in India Project (MaS-SHIP)”
“School of Science & Humanities, Department of Mathematics Report on AMSAET (2018)”
“A Brief Report on National Conference on Reviving Regional Wisdom in Architecture organized by School of Planning and Architecture on 09th & 10th March 2018”
“School of Management & Commerce and School of Engg. & Technology Report on Dr. Rajat Agrawal’s Session”
“Report on ISHRAE Students Chapter”
“School of Engg. & Technology Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Report on ISLE-Student Chapter & Seminar on Energy Efficiency”
“Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing”
“Department of Civil Engineering under School of Engg. & Technology – Report on National Conference on ‘Innovative Trends In Civil Engineering’ (NCITCE-2018) April 13-14, 2018”
National Level Seminar on “Research Advancements & Prospects in Civil Engineering”
“School of Planning & Architecture Report R.M.C Plant Visit at Ultra Tech RM C Plant, Sitapura, Jaipur”
“Department of Civil Engineering under School of Engg. & Technology Special Lecture on ‘Digital Image Processing & Application of GIS’”
“Report on ‘Sports – The Future Career'”
School of Planning and Architecture Visit to Doordarshan Office, Jaipur
Report on YI BOX Cricket League May 04-06, 2018
“Report on Technovation 2018”
“Report on Technical Seminar on 27 Feb 2018”
“A Brief Report of International Conference “Sustainable Development and Innovation in Business, Economy, Management and Technology: Prospects in Emerging Markets” On February 23 – 24, 2018”
“Report on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)”
“Report on Republic Day 2018”
“International Conference on ‘Sustainable Development and Innovation in Business, Economy, Management and Technology : Prospects in Emerging Markets’”
“A Brief Report on American Football 2018”
“Welcome Party For Girls Hostel at PU”
“Report of Seminar On “Basic Tools, Measurement & Terminology used in Production Technology” on 19th Feb 2018″
“DST Grant for 16 Projects of Rs. 1.9 Lac”
“Report on International Conference on Recent Trends and Sustainability in Crafts & Design”
“Report on Poster Making competition on Learnings from Mahatma Gandhi”
“International Conference on “EMERGING TRENDS IN MATERIALS AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING(ICETMM– 2018)”, to be held on January 29-30, 2018.”
“Report on “DHAROHAR” PU Alumni HomeComing 2018 @ January 27, 2018″
“Report on build homes by recycling plastic waste by School of Design”
“Annaul Faculty & Staff Picnic Report”


“All Newsletters – 2017-18”
“Academic Calendar (Odd Semester) Session 2017-18”
“Tender Notice-2017: Enquiry No- PU/EEE/DST/001/2017”
“Advertisement for the post of JRF under SERB DST sponsored project”
“A brief Report on Visit of Saint Soldiers School Students at School of Design, Poornima University”
“A brief report of the meetings of IEEE Delhi Section and IEEE Rajasthan Subsection hosted at Poornima University on 11 November 2017.”
“A Report of IEEE STEP Program hosted at Poornima University on 04 November 2017.”
“A Report on Alumni interaction Civil Engineering at Poornima University”
“A Report on Social Visit to Government Schools & Slim Areas of Jaipur.”
“A Report on Industrial visit to Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (JMRC), Jaipur”
“A Report on Educational Tour & Measured Drawing Camp at Bundi, Rajasthan”
“A Report on Manthan GREAT BRITAIN DEBATE on 06th Oct, 2017”
“A Report on Introductory Training Programme on Stabilized Rammed Earth”
“A Report on Engineer’s Day by SET”
“A Report on Poornima Manthan at Poornima University”
“A Report on special lecture on the topic of Material costing”
“A Report on Industrial Visit by Mechanical Department on 24 August 2017”
“A Report on Griha Workshop Conducted at Poornima University”
“A Report on Participation in National Workshop on “Future of Library Services & Technology Solutions” organized by SMS Medical College, Jaipur From 08-09 July 2017″
“NEN Entrepreneurship Educators Program (24-July-17 To 28-July-17)”
“Industrial Visit to Rajesh Motors Auto Pvt Ltd.”
“One Day Workshop on “Application Development and Deployment of Cloud” under IEEE Student Chapter”
“Visit of Om Prakash to Netherlands – A detailed report on Update The KidsRights Youngsters”
“A Report on IEEE Teacher in Service Program on Saturday, July 29, 2017”
“A Report on National Conference on IPR and Role of States”
“A Report on FDP ON CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design”
“A Report on Interaction of wardens with AIESEC Internship”
“Report on Inauguration Ceremony of Educational Visit & Knowledge Centre for 100 kWP rooftop solar photovoltaic PLANT & 1.2 kWp Solar Tree Project”
“Report – Team Leopard at Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida for SAE-Supra event”
“Report of iCAN Inauguration 2017”
“List of Ph.D Registered Candidates”
“Academic Calendar 2016-17 EVEN Semester”
“Poornima Spectrum – Annual Magazine 2016-17”
“Newsletters 2016-17”
“Poornima Hostel Information Brochure 2017-18”
“Brochure – Hospital Management 2017-18”
Information Brochure 2016
Report of IEEE STB 1014 ACTIVITY 2016-17
Report of Inauguration of PU IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter & Technical Seminar- 1st April 2107
Report of Inauguration of IEEE RAS Chapter & Joint Technical Seminar -23rd March 2017
Report of EDC Inauguration Function & Start Up Meet
Report of Department Day of Mechanical Engineering
Report of Smriti 2017
Report of Gestion – Management Fest 2017
Report on Hostel Fest ADHYAAY 2017
Report on NASA Convention 2017
Report on One Day Workshop on “Mathematical Modeling and Design Optimization of Solar PV System” organised at PU on 25-03-2017.
International Conference on Trinity of MUDRA, Start-Up India and Stand-Up India Schemes: Prospects and Challenges on 24-25 February, 2017
“Report on Inaugural Ceremony of Tatva Torque 2K17”
“Report of All India Inter University American Football Championship (M & W) 2016-17”
“Report of Industry Visit to “Kagzi Industries” on 28th Feb, 2017″
“Report on Monthly Activities for the month of Feb, 2017 in Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Computer Applications.”
“Report on Science Day Celebration”
“Report on Cancer Awareness programme”
Poornima University Research Digest: Volume I (Compilation of All published papers)
Poornima Pathers at Sri Balaji College of Engineering & Technology
Poornima Panthers at SKIT
Report on “Great Debate 2017”
Report on “Orientation Programme”
Seminar Report on “Effective Utilization Of Social/Professional Networking Sites
Report on AIESEC Seminar
Report on Seminar on Basic Tools & Measurements used in Production Technology
Report of Special Lecture On “Ensuring Safety & Security for Building Design
Report of International Conference AMSAET 2017 at PU (AMSAET 2017)


Academic Calender Session 2016-17, ODD Semester
A Brief Report of Second IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances & Innovations in Engineering (ICRAIE-2016)
Report on InterCollege Design Competition at Pearl Academy
Report on Interaction Session with AIESEC on oGT
Report on IETE Inaugural
A report on interaction of AIESEC interns with Mentors on 19.08.16
Report on the 3 days workshop on “Biomedical Signal Processing and Health Care Applications”
Report on AIESEC Internship Programme
Report on Poornima Trends-2016
“SPA Best Works”
Report on National Seminar on ” Global Economic Outlook: Resilience & sustainability of Indian Economy”
Report on Himalaya Hostel Fest – Adhyaay 2016
Report on PU Inspire Session
Report of FSAI Student chapter
Report on Department day of Mechanical Engg. in Poornima University
Report on Department day of Computer Engg in Poornima University
Report of World Water Day Celebration
Report on Foreign Internship of Dipali Bamnawat at Portugal
Lakshya 2016
Report on SPA Achievement
Report on Abhinav’s Internship at Cairo ,Egypt
Report On Achievement Of Pradeep Sand, Alumnus of PCE
Report on workshop on ” Human Anatomy”
Team “Poornima Paathshala” joins hands with “Zarurat”
Report Of Lakshya – Day 3
Report Of Lakshya – Day 2
Report Of Lakshya – Day 1
Report of Paathshala kids on LAKSHYA 2016
Report of Department Day Celebration of Electrical & Electronics Dept., PU
Report on Ashmit’ s internship at Mauritius
Report of Department Day Celebration of Electrical & Electronics Dept., PU
Report of “Department Day of SOM & SOC”
Report On “4th Department day celebration” (School of Planning and Architecture)
PU Newsletter of ECE 2015-16
100 KWp grid connected roof top Solar PV energy system at Poornima University
Report of “Session on Daily Habits”
Report of SPA & SOD visit to – NATCON 2016 INDORE
Report on Art & Craft workshop at Poornima Paathshala
Report on workshop conducted on “Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership in Business”
Report on workshop 3-D Printing & Its Scope
Report on workshop conducted by Linsay Carone
Report on Visit to Jaipur Foot
Report on Safe Riding Event-SAAHAS
Kite Festival at Poornima Paathshala
Report On “The Faculty Training Program”


Project developed by student of Poornima University
Academic Calender Session 2015-16, ODD Semester
Report on visit to Rajasthan Heritage Week
EAD-2015 report
Great Debate Report
Report on Street Play by Asmita Theatre Group
Report on seminar on Career Orientation and Need for Information Security
Report on Health Awareness Program
Report on SPL by Ar. Sathya Prakash Varanashi
Report on Heritage Walk by Students of School of Planning & Architecture
Report on Leadership Development by Mr Rajendra Gupta GM NBC
Report on Special Lecture by HR ERICSSON
Report of Special lecture by GM BSNL
Report on orientation programme UDGAM of SET & SOM I year (PU)
PU INSPIRE PROGRAMME-2 Report on Skill Development Interaction by Ms. Jaya Goyal on 07 August, 2015
Report on National Conference on ‘Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications in Engineering & Technology’ 2015
Orientation Program of School of Design & School of Planning & Architecture.
Report on industrial visit to AUTOPAL on 17th July 2015.
Report on 3 day Natural Water Conservation Campaign
Launch of Formula Car ‘Leopard 1.0’ to participate in National Racing Competition
Workshop report on Advance concrete mix design – 4th May 2015
Poornima Spectrum : Annual Magazine 2015
1st year department day celebration report
Lakshya- 2015 report
Report on Total Station Workshop on 22-23 April 2015
Report On Department Day Celebration (4th April, 2015)
Report on water day and formation of Water Club- BOOND- 22 MARCH 2015
Report on Special Lecture by Dr. Nand Kishore Sharma on 19 March 2015
Report on Guest Lecture by Ar. Archana Singh Rathore on 13 March 2015
Report on special lecture by Ms Kajal Thakuria on 13 March 2015
Report on Interactive session with Dr Kamal Kumar Kaswan on World Kidney Day- 12 March 2015
Report on Industry Visit to Gempulse Infotec Pvt. Ltd.(GIPL) on 4 March 2015
Report on survey camp- dept. of civil engg.- 27 Feb 2015
PU -MBA student won at JIMS, Jaipur
Congratulations to our students for being Winners at jaipur Technical festival- 2015
Report on visit to Phagi Jaipur on 27 Feb 2015
Report on PU-Inspire session on Awareness Program on Organ donation- 26 Feb 2015
Report on Special Lecture by O.P. Changani On 23th February 2015.
Report on PLCSCADA WORKSHOP 23-24 Feb 2015
Report on excursion to jawahar kala kendra on 21 & 23 Feb 2015
Report on Motivational Session by Sh. P. M. Bharadwaj on 17th Feb 2015
Report On Inaugural Session – About the International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Economy : Opportunities and Challenges 2015
Report on Valedictory Session – International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Economy : Opportunities and Challenges 2015
International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Economy : Opportunities and Challenges 2015
Report on – Water Conservation & Fluoride Awareness Campaign 2015
Report on Workshop on Effective Communication Conducted by Prof. Myers on 29th JAN 2015
Bharat Rawat, BCA II yr (Poornima University) won FIRST PRIZE in Web Designing in “ENILAZE 3.0”- Techfest


Poornima Manthan 2014
National Conference on Emerging Trends in Water Quantity & Quality Management (ETWQQM-2014)
Brief of IIID Ceremony attendent and documented by students
Brief of Mural making workshop in SPA, Poornima University
Two Day E-Seminar on Steps 2 Research – 19-20 September, 2014
Reports – Workshop on DB2 Software
Reports – PU INSPIRE – Session by Ms. Malti Jain Advisor, Trading British High Commission.
Reports – Industrial Visit at Saras Dairy Plant, Jaipur
Himanshi Purohit , B.Tech II year CE, Poornima University stood Winner in Chitrakala – Drawing Competition in SABRANG 2014 (Nov 17-18), Tech-Mgmt. Fest of JKLU
Reports on PRAYOGAM 2014
Reports on I Year Guest Lecture on Photography by Mr. Hitesh Advani
Reports – Plantation on the occasion of Children’s Day
Reports – Architectural students of 1st year were taken for a site visit to a Parking Lot under construction in C Scheme on 12th Nov 2014.
Case Study – Visits For Tilonia
Case Study – Visits For Walled City Jaipur
Special Lecture On “SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE” by Prof. Neeraj Gupta
Bilaspur Dam and Water Treatment Plant Visit
Guest lecture presentation
National Workshop on Introduction to Research Methods using Neural Networks in MATLAB – 22-24 August, 2014
Poornima Spectrum – Annual Magazine 2014
Academic Calender Session 2013-14, Even Semester
Report on Industrial visit on Solar Photovoltaic Energy system & Solar Thermal Kitchen system
Students winning First prize in Blitzschlag
Department Day 2014



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