Soft Skills Development

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills talk about both character traits as well as interpersonal skills that affects how effectively an individual can work or perhaps possibly meet up with others. The very term soft skills cover a great deal of abilities as different as teamwork, time management, empathy, and delegation.

The value of the soft skills is usually undervalued, and there is much less education provided for these people than hard abilities as coding. Companies seem to count on individuals to discover how you can behave on the benefits and furthermore, the function of abilities like taking initiative, communicating efficiently, and listening, that usually isn’t the case.

What are actually soft skills?

These abilities might be used to convey ideas and messages effectively. These capabilities might also be applied to cope with really serious situations while caring for the whole situation. The soft skills are very essential in today’s scenario where managing and optimizing the human resources are essentially offered focus.

Soft Skills allow you to develop into a powerful personality. It will help to stick out as well as to move forward in your everyday activities to get the ones objectives achieved. These abilities are thus meant to be utilized in every other scenario, big or small.

Why are soft skills crucial?

Many interactions with different people need a good level of soft skills. At a business you might be negotiating to win a fresh contract, showing your new strategy to colleagues, marketing for a brand new job, etc. We use soft skills each and every day in the office and creating these soft skills are able to enable you to succeed in additional business and speed up the career advancement of yours.

On the contrary, an absence of soft skills can limit the possibility of yours, or perhaps may be a reason for the downfall of the organization of yours. By developing strong leadership, delegation, teamwork, and communication abilities, you’re in a position to operate projects more smoothly, provide results that please everybody, and also favorably affect the private life of yours by enhancing exactly how you work together with other people.

The Soft Skills are:  
  • Listening Skills
  • Attitude that is good
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Intra personal Skills
  • Inter-Personal Skills
  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
Glimpse of the Soft Skill Activities organized at Poornima University

In the light of the above, an education meet on Employability Skills & Opportunities for internet business people was put-together by the School Of Management and Commerce where Senior Managers from a famous private bank, a Multinational BPO, along with a reputable Housing Finance Company have participated and shared their ideas. The company managers highlighted the benefits of integrity, character, confidence, knowledge gathering, and skill acquisition for the great outcomes in acquiring placements and advancing in the corporate world. Management as well as Commerce pupils were highly motivated and have put forward large number of queries to the guests and received a perceptive insight into the real rigors of the expectations as well as work life of businesses from them.

The event also conducted a survey on “Understanding The Consumer Behavior Towards Shopping Malls within Jaipur City” were in the BBA and B.Com I year students went to the World Trade Park at Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. It comprised of a self-administered “Questionnaire” covering various aspects of the behavior of the sales persons with customer conduct was analyzed. It was understood that the dimensions that elucidate the consumer’s motives for going to just shopping at malls based on the clients were Aesthetics, Convenience, Escape, Exploration, and Social.

A workshop on Personality Development Program was organized by the School of Engineering and Computer Science, Poornima Faculty. The primary goal of the Workshop was to familiarize participants with appearing trends and ideas on how one can retain positive, ethical and moral personality traits in 21st century contexts.

The system even aimed to instruct participants to work with groups, people, and various professionals to learn the meaning of work and life in the existing context; to improve the communication skills of theirs and interpersonal skills to feature in social and professional configurations effectively; to improve the academic language abilities (writing and presentation abilities) for academic writing as well as presentations; to understand highly effective preparation, implementation and time management for defining goals and obtaining both professional and personal goals; to develop to assess oneself (self-appraisal and introspection) for more growth, professionally and personally.

Human character influences and impacts the performance of a person and organizations. The simple fact that people are social is driven by individual and also collective contexts. Knowing one’s own character and nurturing it effectively allows one to be a good human being and a good professional. Humans have to find out how you can cope with the troubles as well as face hardships while shaping the careers of ours to be professionals and contributing people. Faculty learning is actually enabling young adults to realize the potential in the literal sense as well as to take ahead it for the superior. It’s in this particular context that the workshop was conducted by way of the grouping in order to enrich a variety of features of the personality of theirs as well as to condition themselves in reaching the pursuits of theirs. The workshop adopted the procedures of demonstration-cum-discussion, presentation, team work, team presentation, assignments, as well as film/video viewing.

The workshop was liked by students as it was organized with a lots of vigor and has broadened the creativity of theirs.

An interactive session was done with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in association with AIESEC. The AIESEC participants interacted with budding professionals and discussed the education process and learning lifestyle of the respective countries of theirs.

They made the students aware of the value of good communication and especially the English speaking skills. They opined that English correspondence is actually a skill that may be mastered only through continuous exposure and constant practice to achieve the goal of learning the language through the readily available resources that must be totally tapped. It supports for an encouraging environment for understanding and studying the language. Such events work on the Role of English to Enrich Effective Communication abilities. English communication with contemporary methods facilitates to nurture an optimistic attitude. English communications would allow it to be possible to satisfy the upcoming issues of the day in an impressive way.

The students attended the consultation with sincerity and showed enormous interest during the talks associated to the education process of various countries, the procedure of honing communication abilities, confidence developing, etc.

Poornima Faculty planned and organized a training program on Technical Writing and Personality Development.

Mr. Sandeep Menghani, Motivational Speaker and Professional Trainer was the Chief Guest who graced the Workshop. The workshop was phased into different sessions. Session-I: Personality development: Topic covered: Time managing, Body language, Ethics and Value, Stress Management Dr. Vandana Sharma, Academician and Professional Trainer. Session II: Technical publishing: Report publishing, Business letters, E mails writing/E mail Etiquettes.

Mr. Meghani said that generally there are actually five Time Stealers that just stop us to reach the goals of ours. Time management exercise was provided for 3-4 mins. The physical exercise of presentation of students to reduce their Stage Fear was carried out by each and every student for thirty seconds. The video recording of this particular presentation was completed and the following day session began with the modification of the manner in which each and every student presented the thoughts of theirs. Then he began with a unique task for suitable listening communication. One line was told by one student and this was transferred to one another, in the final, all thought about that the series told has entirely changed because of two incorrect listening and wrong communication on the way of transfer. Second, group actions was assigned. All of the young students were split into different activities and groups and made to participate in group activities. The activities heading towards the end of the workshop were based on testing of their problem solving and decision making skills.

Dr. Vandana Jain got the consultation on Technical Writing. She reported that with all the boom of internet companies as well as the changing planet of technology. She brought to light the fact that the technical freelance writers are actually in demand. Professional writers are actually needed to translate complex types of communication into specific documents that customers are able to understand.

She informed the students that whenever they work hard in realizing their goals need to include good skills of Technical Writing. They will figure out how to be a technical writer by creating the technical writing abilities of theirs, revision methods, and a lot more. They will learn to create presentations, instruction manuals, reports, media releases, and emails. She urged the students to make use of the info from that specialized writing workshop and train themselves into a technical writer.

Students discovered how you can inspire one another and attain success with good zeal as well as staff spirit. The group of students acquired information about essential topics as Group Discussion, Environment, communication skills, Etiquettes, etc. Apart from that they additionally learned about the crucial suggestions related to useful technical writing.