Recruitment Procedure

Poornima Students stand out:

  • Employers look for many other qualities besides academic achievement.
  • Poornima students acquire a range of skills and experiences whilst at Poornima to compete most effectively in the recruitment market.
  • Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership & communication skills is provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible position by involving them in hobbies and sports and by specially structured personality development programs.
  • Poornima encourages students to start thinking about their options early and runs many early bird programs to help first and second year students to find vacation work within the campus.
  • Earn While You Learn drive, allows Poornima students to find employment within the campus and also make money.
  • Poornima organizes comprehensive personality enhancement programmes, which are in consonance with the requirements of the employers to develop students’ employability skills and make them aware of the range of occupations available to them.
  • The students are invited to attend a range of events and career fairs to talk to employers about opportunities.
  • Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership and communication skills are provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible positions.
  • Poornima students have strong conceptual foundations, capacity to work and exposure to real-life work conditions.
  • The education system is highly innovative and has incorporated the best practices followed in Professional & Technical Education.
  • Curriculum based on an innovative Blended Approach that includes development of programmes with inputs from Industry and Academia, application based pedagogy, continuous assessment and organized feedback from students for further improvisation.
  • Students are given live projects in the form of business analysis, making new business plans, conducting surveys and encouraging them to take up new entrepreneurial activities.
  • Poornima provides recruiters with unparalleled exposure to competitive and qualitative Industry Ready students trained under the guidance of our nurturing faculty.
  • The vocational focus of the courses and industrial trainings help to develop the maturity and employability of our students.
To recruit students of Poornima you may fill the placement request form by Clicking here and send to [email protected]