Language and Communication Skills for Students

Language and Communication Skills are actually personal characteristics which improve a person’s interaction, work performance and job prospects. Unlike hard abilities, which are actually about a person’s skills and power to conduct a specific kind of activity or task, soft skills are actually interpersonal and broadly relevant.

Language as well as Communication Skills Training aims at developing awareness among students about abilities related to the procedure of recruitment. The Soft Skill Training improves the entire character of the students. Employers today would like much more than someone with the required job related skills.

Language as well as Communication Skills represent different characteristics that mark folks in different help and degrees to reach higher both socially and professionally. Hard skills and soft skills are actually correlated and both complement one another. In order to attain improvement in career, we need to equip with both gentle and also tough skills.

The curriculum of the current Communication and Language Skills lab can help the students to be a lot more professional and it’ll help them to enhance their work ethic, communication skills, attitude, emotional intelligence and an entire host of other personal characteristics which are actually essential for their job success.

Communication and Language Skills (English):

First task is actually weekly sessions as well as lab sessions on communication techniques done through language lab for all of the first 12 months students. It is going to help the students to enhance the basic skills of theirs of writing, conversing, listening and reading. Various exercises are going to augment the confidence level of theirs and hence allow them to express in a proper way.

Software used in Language Lab: EL-Client:
Total Time: 24 hours:
S.No. Topics Duration
I Listening Skills: Fourteen Lessons each containing five exercises 3hours
II Fundamental Language Skills:
Introductory Lessons
Basic Lessons (a) Reading
Basic Lessons (a) Grammar
Basic Lessons (a) Vocabulary
Basic Lessons (a) Writing Basic Lessons (b)-(c) Reading
Basic Lessons (b)-(c) Grammar
Basic Lessons (b) Vocabulary
Basic Lessons (b) Writing
2 Hrs
2 Hrs
2 Hrs
2 Hrs
III Communication Skills: Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Grammar Writing Exercises on Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing 2 Hrs
IV Vocabulary: Word mentor: Various games based on the formation of words. 2 Hrs
V Phonetics: Consonants Vowels Diphthongs Intonation Correct Pronunciation 4 Hrs
VI English as Second Language 2 Hrs
VII Conversations: Nine topics for conversations. 2 Hrs

Course Outcomes of the Language Lab

Students will able to

CO214.1 understand the importance & role of soft skills in all spheres of life and the strategy of learning English language through the concept of LSRW (listening-speaking-reading-writing).

CO214.2 acquire competence for professional communication on written as well as oral mode in different environmental contexts.

CO214.3 apply a sense of designing, strategizing, planning and execution of thoughts into fruitful activities with respect to productivity, creativity and time management

CO214.4 learn social and professional ethics and code of conduct to adjust well in different environmental settings.

CO214.5 develop analytical skills and critical thinking to perform well in professional as well as in social environment

CO214.6 reproduce their understanding of concept/principles of communication in English language and to get competency in speaking skills

CO214.7 improve their personality by educating their soft skills and reflect their knowledge in different societal and environmental contexts as a lifelong learning.

Communication and Language Skills (Japanese):

Second is the classes on Japanese Language Lab conducted for the students from second year onwards. Keeping in view this vast opportunity, Poornima University conducted a small workshop of 16 hours for I and II year students of all courses. 28 students were scrutinized representing all courses and all departments. Study Material was provided by Japanese Institute of Foreign Language.

Under the umbrella of Make-in-India movement, Neemrana Rajasthan have now become a booming hub of Japanese Industries. An exposure to this language not only opens an easy door for entry into this Japanese Zone, but also adds on as a skill for being a global citizen.

Dainichi Color India Ltd, Japan MNC, have already visited the PU Campus many times and many MBA/BBA as well as B.Tech students of PU have already been recruited by it. Basic knowledge of Japanese amongst our students have attracted them more to visit the Campus.

Our students who participated sincerely can now converse in Japanese. On top of that, they can give their introduction to a Japanese Company recruiter!!! Our sincere thanks to Mr. Taka who gave his meticulous inputs for grooming our students in his language.

Topics covered were:

Day Subject Purpose/Outcome Hours
Monday, 12th  Feb 18 Introduction to Japanese language To know about Japanese character. 2
Tuesday, 13th Feb 18 Introduction and greeting To start conversation with others. 2
Wed, 14th Feb 18 What is this? / Where is this? To learn how to call 2
Thursday, 15th Feb 18 Make a conversation with friends To try to use expressions learnt in class 2
Friday, 16th Feb 18 Introduction to Japanese culture To know Japanese culture 2
Tuesday, 20th Feb 18 Review work from last week Practice and Review 2
Wednesday, 21st feb 18 Expressions used for travel Japanese for travelers to Japan 2
Thursday, 22nd Feb 18 Expressions used for business Japanese in profession (job) in Japan 2