Myths and Facts one should know about an M.Tech Degree

M.Tech is a post graduate degree that one can pursue after successfully completing his/her B.Tech. Pursuing M.Tech is a great option for the aspirants who want to get a higher degree and get better placement opportunities.

  • Benefits of an M.Tech Degree

    The students pursuing M.Tech are generally paid stipend that can be low then the industry standards but is a good source for the students to cover their expenses unlike the time when the students are completely dependent on their parents. The expenses of studying M.Tech is also comparatively low with about 40K per semester on an average that is inclusive of hostel fees and other general expenses. Apart from these benefits, an M.Tech degree can offer better placement opportunities. The best companies prefer to choose highly qualified and technologically sound candidates who are more lucrative instead of the general candidates.

  • Myths associated with M.Tech

    There is a general myth that the chances of gaining quality education for M.Tech students are minimal if the students choose a college other than the IIT’s. However, this is not true because there are some great colleges forM.Tech aspirants that not only offer quality education but also provide the best of facilities with a great infrastructure. So, it is a good option to take direct admission in an M.Tech college and pursue your degree course.

    Another myth is that M.Tech is a tough course but this is not the case. M.Tech will help one to improve the practical knowledge while preparing them for practical aspect through research. The factors that play a major role are the courses chosen by the candidates, efforts made, projects done and such associated things. If won’t be right to say that the studies will be too rigorous or too easy for the candidate. In fact, when a student peruses a post graduate degree course, the understanding of various subjects and their roles becomes clearer.

    There is a lot being said in favor and against an M.Tech degree course but it is important to understand that what really matters is your wish to pursue a post graduate degree course. The best university you can choose is the Poornima University ( Here at Poornima University, the faculty is focused on delivering high quality education that prepares one to face the real time challenges of the industry.
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