When you’re a fresher who has just joined the college, you’re full of enthusiasm and zeal. It would be best if you utilize this energy in productive activities. Most colleges ensure that this happens. Several volunteer group clubs are specially made for students to gain exposure to new opportunities and interests. It enriches the college life experience and will also fill you with pleasant nostalgia in the coming years. However, what to do when you’re stuck among choices? How do you choose a club from the so many available? Believe it or not, the clubs you join will make an impression on your career and life as well. College club activities give you practical exposure, which makes the learning holistic. So, how do you go about it? There are some essential tips that one should keep in mind beforehand to choose the right club. Discussed below are some ways to help choose the groups that will add value to your pathways in the longer run.

Know What is Being Served

When you go to an ice cream parlor, you choose the flavor after knowing the favorite types available. Similarly, these clubs are made for students’ comfort, relaxation, interest completion, and other such purposes. The notice board or a pamphlet section dedicated to these club details are available for your aid. You may even inquire from the seniors for some guidance on the same.

Develop an Open Mind to explore

Joining a new group can be accompanied by uncertain expectations. It would be best to remember that exploring different activities and trying out in various clubs helps you have an open mind. But you will never know it unless you give it a try. You can also choose an activity that aligns with your hobby: music, art, dance, IT, and whatnot. Working in a group also instills the ability to think concurrently to think alike in one direction.

Try Before You Reach A Decision

When you think of a couple of activity clubs that might interest you, always consider all of them equally. The best way to decide on group admission is by trying out in the class for a session or two. By sitting in for a trial class, you can get a good idea about the type of things you will be studying. Further, you can also notice whether your interest sparks in that field or not. Thereby helping you to discover whether your choices match your needs.

Look for clubs that help in Self-growth

When you are busy looking for something that gives you joy, choosing a group that aids you in self-growth also makes college life much more fruitful. An important part that needs to be given attention to is whether you recognize the patterns of self-development. Leadership, discipline, humbleness, creative thinking are some virtues that could be imbibed if chosen a proper activity club. It is one of the most important steps that could determine an important activity club.

Don’t Overload

One of the basic errors usually committed when over-enthusiastic about the new life and experiences is rushing. Never let your instincts drive your opinions and your way of living. You may feel the need to try everything but remember not everything is achievable. Burden yourself just enough to leave a space to breathe, rest, and even sleep. Joining the clubs is not a race, remember that. It is but a medium to learn as much as possible in the given period.


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