Know Which is the Best-Fit Undergrad Course For You

Follow your own passion—not your parents’, not your teachers’—yours.” —Robert Ballard Robert Ballard is a retired US Navy Officer and a professor of oceanography. His contribution & dedication towards work was always praised by his co-workers. In this quote, he emphasizes on the importance of following one’s passion diligently. Ages after ages, the emphasis on following one’s passion has increased exponentially. Now, the youth around the globe believes in exploring different field before making a lifelong commitment to a specific field. Choosing a field to pursue under-graduation degrees that will shape-up the future can be a daunting task. Understanding of the key skill-set an individual has, can be a way towards the right career path. In this blog, we will give a quick view of the skill set that can guide you while you choose an under-graduation degree to pursue.

Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech)

If you enjoy learning computer skills, exploring machines, understanding software skills, or unwinding new electrical devices, a degree in engineering may be the right way forward towards a fulfilling career. Apart from this, analytical skills, number skills & technical skills can be very beneficial for students aspiring to pursue a career in this field.

Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch)

Creative thinking skills, designing skills, responsible attitude, good memory, & managerial abilities can be of benefit for architecture candidates. If you enjoy studying mathematics, physics, & have a creative mind, a career as an architect is surely the right choice for you.

Bachelors of Commerce (B. Com)

Among all under graduation degrees in commerce, B.Com is the most pursued degree. Students with interest in accounting & management along with interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and leadership skills can be a reason to pursue B.Com from renowned colleges of India.

B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Management

Inter-personal skills play the most important role in the hospitality industry. If you enjoy managing people, servicing, communication, & have managerial skills, become a part of the hospitality industry. The industry does not require students to do a lot of research or read through a lot of books.  The field is practical & the study requires students to develop their interpersonal skills to be competitive and at their best.

Bachelors of Design (B.Des)

For pursuing a degree in the field of designing; either fashion designing or interior designing course, creativity skills are must-have. Individuals who have an eye for detail & have required designing skills can be the right for a career in the field of designing. In addition to this, management skills & communication skills are advantageous for students. Choosing the right degree to pursue can set your life on the right path. At Poornima University, our counsellors always assist students in evaluating their skills & choosing a career path based on them. In our recent campaign “Kaabiliyat Ko Do Udaan” on skill-based education & identification of individual skills, we aim at giving wings to the potential on every individual. Apply for admission for the current academic session in courses like B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc., Hospitality, B.Des, B.Com, BBA, B.Arch, and more: apply here  
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