Strategic Plan and Deployment

Strategic Plan and deployment documents Poornima University has devised a 5 year Strategic Plan for the period 2017 to 2022 to transform the University towards one of the well-known universities in the country as well as follow the objectives of its vision and mission.  
  1. Academic Excellence
    • Poornima University will explore the possibilities of introducing the disciplines and courses which are relevant, market driven and job oriented so that students will be equipped with the knowledge and skill sets which are highly in demand. Similarly, it can utilize the opportunity of various existing disciplines presently available in the University to introduce the courses which are inter-disciplinary in nature.
      • Multi-Discipline Programme: University will focus on quality improvement in teaching, pedagogy, research in the existing discipline as well as planning to introduce new discipline such as School of Education in near future. Further to this, the University may undertake the re-framing and re-designing of the existing schools such as School of Science and Humanities towards developing multi-disciplinary Liberal Studies.  This may give an opportunity to the University for introducing multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary courses.
      • Launching of New Programme: Poornima University will launch few new programme such as Agri-Business Management, Business Analytics in its School of Management & Commerce (SCM) in the coming years.
      • Poornima University will lunch the M Tech Programme in new edge technology, that is, M Tech in Block Chain, Data Science, IOT& Artificial Intelligence.
      • Curriculum, pedagogy, teaching learning process will be reviewed with an aim to have inter-disciplinary course curriculum and the students may get the opportunity to have minor degree along with the major specialisation. This may give the opportunity for the students to fully utilise the choice based course curriculum.
      • Poornima University will encourage the students to undertake the multi-disciplinary learning so that students can pursue major and minor specializations as per their choice while pursuing their course. This may help the students to develop their personality and can provide an edge towards their career opportunity. The University may undertake that 15% of its courses will be converted towards inter-disciplinary by 2022
  1. Use of Technology in Pedagogy and Curriculum Update.
    • Poornima University will introduce various steps towards developing its teaching learning methods by introducing various strategic decisions such as bringing technology to the class-rooms, introducing action learning / experiential learning and project based learning. Various steps will be taken to achieve the same.
      • Hybrid Learning. Learning by both online as well as offline will be introduced in all the classes. The online learning will also carry video lectures, animation and other technology driven material.  Further to this, faculties will upload the notes, contents and other teaching related material in online teaching methods.  Various faculties and practitioner from India and abroad may be approached to undertake online sessions.
      • The University shall undertake the proposal of re-designing the course content focussing more towards research, project, action learning, project based learning and so on keeping in mind that at the end of the day students should have holistic development.
      • Through this process, Poornima University aspire to introduce hybrid model of teaching and learning in 30% of courses.
  1. Offering Programmes to outside the University
    • The faculties of the University may offer various market relevant programme according to their competence area to various professionals outside of the university by leveraging its network, collaboration and other relationships. It will help the faculties to develop their skill set and teaching ability as well as it will help the people to develop their capacity building to whom the training will be given.
    • Poornima University is planning to offer various programmes to more than 5000 students each year by 2024.
  1. Derive Excellence in the area of Research and Innovation
    • Apart from excellence in teaching, excellence in research is one of the areas focussed by Poornima University. Research and Innovation excellence can be achieved by continuously working towards addressing the issues of national and global challenges.  Further to this, faculties need to motivated, encouraged to oriented towards social and application research area and investment to be made on the development of the faculties towards quality publication of research paper, taking necessary steps in increasing the number of doctoral students in different areas as well as multi-discipline areas etc.  University will strive to collaborate with other universities and research agencies towards joint research projects and publication of papers in national and international peer reviewed journals.Few steps can be taken to achieve this:
      • Centre of Excellence: Centre of Excellence can be established focussing on the various local and local needs. The various initiatives taken by our Hon’ble Prime Minister and its cabinet towards developing a new India such as Swacchh Bharat, Make in India, Khelo India, Digital India etc. can be taken into consideration while establishing the Centre of Excellence. It will give us a sense of pride towards contributing the national mission as well as educating the students and scholars.
      • Centre of Excellence in the areas of Public Health, Urban Infrastructure, Conservation Architecture etc. can be created in the University which can create impact on the society.
      • Industry Partnership: Partnership and networking with industry will be established in the highest form to understand the various developments happening the market place so that various solution can be designed to cater to the market needs. Research and Innovation work can be made commercial use if it has the potential to solve the problem of market requirements.
      • Focus on International Collaborations and Interdisciplinary Research.
      • PU has tie ups with many International Universities to meet the international standards and trends. Curriculum Harmonisation& global benchmarking is done keeping in view the best interests of the students and the program outcome.
      • Poornima University will partner with various elite national and international higher educational institutions for joint publishing papers, doing research projects and other related areas of research.
      • The University plans to have more than 5% of research publication in various reputed journals collaborating with various national and international universities by 2022.
      • Develop Institutional Capabilities to create new technology / patent.
      • The University will create facilities, provides various supports such as infrastructure, intellectual infrastructure to the faculties and scholars in order to develop the capabilities so that more number of patents, publications, projects can be produced.
  1. Talent Recruitment
    • In order to emerge as one of the prominent universities, it is necessary for the university to attract academically blessed students and quality faculties. Intake of Post Graduate and PhD students will create a research environment in the University.  Further to this, equal importance will be given for an enabling environment for students in all the areas such as academics, research, sports and arts etc, to nurture the talent and aptitude.
    • Currently Poornima University is having faculties from the local market. It is important for the University to attract the good number quality faculties from nationally as well as internationally.  By attracting and retaining the quality faculties, quality culture will be established in the university and students will be imparted the education of global standard with the help of faculties.  Retaining the quality faculties is one of the important areas for any organisation.  Proper compensation, academic environment and HR policy need to implemented to retain the faculties.
      • Attracting High Quality Senior Faculty. Poornima University will focus on hiring passionate, academically sound, research oriented and experienced faculties from across India and abroad. If the senior faculty members are satisfied and retained, they will attract the good number of quality junior faculties and in the process the standard of teachers will be improved to a great extent.  Poornima University will have around 7% of the faculty at a senior level by 2022.
      • Hiring of Adjunct Faculty. Poornima University will try to attract the faculties from various industries and from elite academic institutions to tune of 10% so that industry / practical based learning will be given to all the students while they are studying.
      • University will put its best effort to attract researcher and faculty members who are willing to undertake multi-disciplinary research. This also can be attained through creating opportunities to develop the Centre of Excellence and various programmes of inter-disciplinary in nature.
      • The policy of the University will be designed in such a way that meritorious students as well as multi-cultural, multi-lingual and diverse background students will be attracted. In order to develop the overall personality of the students, diverse culture is one of the important areas.
  1. Social Commitment and Inclusiveness
    • University will ensure its social commitments such as safety and security of students, mutual respect to both teachers and students, no discrimination in the form of race, colour, caste etc. will be maintained. The message on social commitment and inclusiveness will be very loud and clear.
    • Management decision and leadership will be transparent and equal for each and every students.
  1. Environmental Sustainability
    • University is well aware of its responsibilities towards protecting environment and mother nature and will implement all its policies and procedures so that environmental sustainability is maintained.
  1. Collaborations
    • University will partner with various industries, educational institutes and NGOs for working together in order to develop the culture of learning and research as well as enhance the employability index of the students.
  1. Safe, Healthy and Sustainable Workplace
    • It is the responsibility of the University to ensure stress free and healthy environment so that everybody will be more productive. In order to enhance the productivity and increase the efficiency of the workforce, various amenities, ambience and other provisions such as energy conserving workplace, playground, teaching and research blocks, provisions for differently-abled persons, eco-friendly environment need to be created.
    • Targets
      • In order to create an atmosphere of blending academic and family life atmosphere, more number of housing facilities for the academic and non-academic staff need to be created.
      • The entire campus should be cleaner, greener and full of trees. Natural beauty should be visible all around the campus. All students, faculties and staff need to be made responsible towards green practices and protecting the environment.
      • The campus should be seen as practicing energy conservation, low carbon and zero discharge campus. Latest technology and practices need to be adopted for reducing energy and control the wastage and emissions.
      • University is implementing as well as will implement the zero tolerance policy on Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace. It is even applicable in the case of girl students.
  1. Community Engagement and Extension Activities
    • Apart from excellence in teaching and research, social responsibility is also one of the key functions of the University and Poornima University will put it best to practice the Community engagement work. University will extend the hand by partnering with outside community and support them by educating and providing
    • The University Community engages itself in partnership with the outside community over the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge to execute its stated mission as well as its activities. To understand the societal needs and issues as well as to inform, educate and share best practices, the University endeavours to take following actions:-
    • Strategic Initiatives
      • Attract more and more students to ‘Poornima Paathsala’ so that the educational and re-creational activities can be extended to the nearby needy children.
      • Create the awareness on the various public health programmes, healthy life style programmes as well as benefits of donating blood for a social cause. Similarly blood donation camps will be set up by tying up with local govt. hospitals and army hospitals.
      • University shall come forward to organise the various health related campus such as free eye check-up, distribution of first-aid box and literature on various common diseases and its prevention etc.
    • Target
  • University will motivate its staff and students to understand the importance of the equal society and its benefits so that faculty, staff and students will volunteer to undertake the awareness programmes on how to handle in case of crisis, conservation of water, purifying water for maintaining better health etc.
  • Community work will be extended to wider vicinity so that benefit of the community work can reach to large section of the society. Employed youth can be invited to undergo the skill based training at the university premises.
  • Students should be encourage to do social project during their Summer Project training as well as social entrepreneurship based assignment will be given as part of their academic fulfilment.
  • While teaching students will be given the awareness of the community requirement and the benefits of community development. They may be asked to find out the sustainable solutions related to the various faced by the local community. Students may be encouraged to interact with various NGOs and other social organisation to understand the problem in depth.
  • Similarly students will be asked to get in touch with the local leaders, NGOs and other people involved with social cause to understand the real problems in terms of pollution, drinking water problem, problem of hygiene and cleanliness, poverty and other related social stigma issues.
  • The University will encourage all its department to ensure that they contribute their mite in terms of sorting out the community issues as much as possible. Particularly School of Public Health, Poornima University will be given the task of spreading the problems related to all the epidemic diseases and to take necessary precautions for that.
  1. Infrastructural Facilities and World Class Amenities
    • It is a well-known fact that university need to develop the best physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure, academic infrastructure to become one of the best universities. Physical infrastructure and digital infrastructure play very important roles in providing the facilities for conducive learning and learning environment.  University will focus on expanding its physical and digital infrastructure keeping in view of the requirements from various departmental needs.
    • Strategic Initiatives
      • New infrastructure will be created based on the requirement of students as well as faculties so that they keep pace with the latest development in terms of study as well as research.
      • All facilities to improve the standard of teaching, learning and research will be provided. The facilities in terms of library, hostels, sports ground and other requirements will be provided so that all the stake holders will be benefitted.
      • Education is no more in chalk and talk model. Latest technological innovations has been done in terms of teaching and learning process. Digital infrastructure will be created in order to make sure that students and faculties are getting the opportunity to keep pace with the time.
      • Library facilities will be improved to a larger extent so that students and faculties will get the opportunity to access the latest books and journals online at any point of time even without going to the library.
      • Necessary infrastructure in terms of renewable energy as well as water harvesting project will be developed in the university.
      • Efficient utilization, maintenance, and upgrading of existing infrastructure.
      • University will upgrade the existing infrastructure and upkeep the maintenance in such a way that all parts of the infrastructure are used by the stake-holders.
    • Target
      • University will put its best effort to transform the traditional learning to blended learning and closed room learning to open environment learning and group learning. All facilities will be created according to this.
      • Blended learning and digital learning will be given much importance. In order to improve the digital learning and blended learning, necessary investments such as hardware, software, multimedia, networking facilities and smart class-rooms will be developed.
      • Initiative will be taken to develop the digital library content as well as consortium system will be developed so that many universities will get the benefit of large volume of digital content, digital books, journals and study materials.
      • The University will improve the accommodation and facilities in terms of communication, recreation and sports and ensure to maintain in a well manner. Also, on-campus commercial facilities will be strengthened and modernized.
      • University will develop its sports and commercial infrastructure facilities as well as other facilities like communication, networking in such a way that every students get the opportunity to participate and use the facilities for their holistic developments.
      • University will create an ambience of greenery, environmental friendly, plastic free, technologically driven campus so that each and every stakeholders will enjoy coming to the university. Similarly necessary health infrastructure will also be created so that students can use it in case of emergencies. Safety and security environment will be there for everybody at any point of time around the campus.
  1. Diversity and Social Inclusiveness
    • The University will adopt the diversity and social inclusiveness as part of their culture. In order to adopt the culture, the university will attract the students from all over India as well as from abroad.  Similarly students will be attracted from sections of the society.  It is a known fact that, diversity and inclusiveness create a better learning environment and better perspective towards society.  Students will realise and understand the importance of different culture, different social differences and related issues with that.  They will also understand the benefits of having diversity culture in terms of team work.  University will undertake certain decision in order to maintain the diversity and social inclusiveness:-
    • Strategic Initiatives
      • Will follow the guidelines given by Government in terms of diversity and social inclusiveness.
      • International community students will be attracted by promoting the brand though the embassy and other sources.
      • Different cultural functions, sports activities will be organised in the campus
      • Separate merit list for boys and girls will be drawn while selecting the students as well as SC / ST Cell and Women’s Cell will be established in the university
    • Targets
      • Will promote the diversity and social inclusivity in all the admission campaign and separate merit list as well as safety towards women and other related issue should be taken care of.
      • University will ensure the equal representation in faculty and staff recruitments. Similarly equal representation will be ensured in all kind of appointments, key positions so that number of women in decision taking positions will be higher.
  1. Governance
    • University need to follow a transparent and ethical Governance system with proper responsibility will be given at all levels so that the improvement in work culture, decision making and performance of all employees across the university will be improved. Top Management need to ensure that each and every employees from top to bottom should feel that that they are treated equally and no discrimination is followed everywhere.  The overall focus of the governance should be to improve the research culture, excellence in education and community development.  Same time the welfare of the faculty and staff should not ignored.
    • Strategic Initiatives
      • University will adopt an ethical and transparent culture across the university.
      • University will create a culture of empowering everybody starting from students to non-teaching staff as well as teaching staff to perform efficiently and effectively.
      • Will inculcate the culture of e-Governance across all the functions of the university so that everybody will be on the same foot and know the happening of the university.
      • All the functions and mechanism of administrative functions should be known to everybody and all problem solving mechanisms need to be worked promptly and efficiently.
    • Targets
      • Agreed policies and commitments should be delivered and fulfilled at any cost.
      • Faculty and non-teaching staff should be encouraged to voice their opinion in all the forums so that the culture of democratic way will be adopted by the university.
      • Instead of taking decision arbitrarily, decision will be taken through the committees so that quality decisions can be taken.
      • University will adopt the philosophy of ethics and moral values in all the activities from admission to alumni relations.
  Based on above, PU has some broad goals to align with the vision & mission. These are further divided into short-term and long term horizons as given below:  
  1. Short-Term Goals:
    • Ensuring Educational Excellence
    • Ensuring Student Development including physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
    • Creating culture of excellence in Research, Scholarship, Innovation and Creativity for high impact.
    • Scale up Continuing education activities for professionals and teachers.
    • Enhancing employability and promote entrepreneurial initiatives.
    • Establish constructive links with the press and media for widespread coverage and publicity of valuable contributions of the university.
  2. Long-Term Goals:
    • Tie up with professional marketing organizations for selling Educational Technology products, such as videos, multimedia instruction packages and programmed learning materials.
    • Help in the commercialization of such software through alliances with top-grade software houses, which may also be given the marketing rights, thus enabling the University to benefit through royalties.
    • Form strategic alliances with commercial consulting firms so that the Institute will be involved from the early stages of contracts/turnkey assignments.
    • Take up patented products and processes for incubation and commercial development.
    • Advancing internationalization.
    • Enhancing relations with industry, alumni and society.
    • Committing to all aspects of social, economic and environmental sustainability.
    • Enhancement of supporting resources
    • Ensuring excellence in Organizational Leadership and governance.
    • Set up and manage a Technology Park in or outside the campus in order toFacilitate collaborative R&D, Incubate faculty or student initiated technologies towards their commercialization and Invest in incubator projects at different stages: pre-competition, start-up, development and expansion.
    • Conduct external market studies/research periodically to assess customer profiles, needs, competition, etc.
  Hence the strategic plan ensures that the set objectives are achieved through accountability process comprising of review, evaluation, reporting and, where necessary, re-planning.