The Management of Poornima is pleased to declare the “PROMOTIONAL SCHEME FOR PATENTS & COPYRIGHTS” for faculty & staff members. This scheme will cover the registration / filing as well as award/ grant of copyrights and patents (including design registration, Silicon Chip Design etc). Following terms and conditions must be kept in mind by respective applicant/ patentee while filing the applications:

  • The applicant / patentee must ensure that his/ her respective Poornima Institution is the joint applicant/ partner in the complete process.
  • A separate agreement must be jointly signed between the applicant/ patentee, other inventers & respective Poornima institution before initiating the application process for each application.
  • 50% of the registration/ application fee (including all fees like government, consultancy, legal etc) will be borne by Poornima and rest 50% by the applicant/ patentee.
  • Upon award / grant of copyright or patent the applicant/ patentee is eligible for an incentive as per following table:
Successful registration / application for Copyright/ PatentINR 3000
Grant of CopyrightINR 3000
Publishing of PatentINR 5000
Grant of Patent (Non-Commercial)INR 30000
Grant of Patent (Commercial)INR 50000
  • Incentive will be given to the applicant/ patentee who has served Poornima for minimum 1 year.
  • The incentive will be given to the principal applicant/ patentee only.
  • The incentive will not be awarded for provisional copyrights / patent.
  • In order to claim the Incentive the copy of proof of award/ grant of Copyright / patent must be submitted to the Office of Registrar.
  • On receiving relevant documents, the Registrar will constitute an expert committee including a representative from the office of Chairman, Poornima Group within a fortnight for consideration of all applications for such incentives
  • The committee will submit a report with its comments on each application and recommendations for giving incentive strictly in accordance with directives laid down above.
  • The Registrar will then send the finalized list to the Office of Chairman, Poornima Group for final approval & disbursement of incentive.
  • In all matters related with this “PROMOTIONAL SCHEME FOR PATENTS & COPYRIGHTS”, the decision of Management of Poornima would be final.

Patents/ Copyrights Applied/Published/Granted

Sr.No.Name of the Inventor (s)Title of PatentApplication No.Date
1Dr. Santosh Kumar AgrahariSystem and Method for Smart Security System enabling Artificial Intelligence and Self Diagnostic Machine-Learning20191100234122.2.2019
2Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Dr. Manoj Gupta
Dr. H.P. Tiwari
System and Method for Ultra Capacitor Based Energy Storage system in Dynamic Voltage Restonrer20191100517122.2.2019
3Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Dr. Manoj Gupta
Dr. H.P. Tiwari
System and Method for solid oxide fuel cell alternative power sources for dynamic voltage restorer20191100517022.2.2019
4Dr. Neeraj Tiwari
Mr. Udit Mamodiya
Dr. Prashant K Shukla
Dr. Piyush Kumar Shukla
Dr. Rizwan Patan
Dr. R. Viswanathan
Dr. D. Ganesh Gopal
Dr. Kumar Dilip
Dr. Priya Gupta Princy Randhawa
Micro processing Unit Based System For Tracking And Controlling Solar Panel Based On Sunlight Intensity.20191102061524.05.2019
5Mr. Udit Mamodiya
Dr. S. K. Dhakad
Dr. Prashant Kumar Shukla
Dr. Piyush Kumar Shukla
Dr. Asit Mohanty. Dr. R.S. Rajput
Dr. Suneeta Satpathy
Dr. Greesh Kumar Singh
Dr. Neeraj Tiwari
Pooja Shukla
Method Of Statistical Data Based Smart Reservation & Charging Of Parking”.2019210267153.7.2019
6Ms. Pasuluri Bindu Swetha
Mr. Udit Mamodiya
Dr. S. K. Dhakad
Dr. Chetan J. Shelke
Dr. Prashant Kumar Shukla
Dr. Piyush Kumar Shukla
Dr. K. Vasudevan
Dr. Neeraj Tiwari
Ajay B Gadicha
Pooja Shukla

System of Heat Sink motor control for consumer Electronic Devices”.20194102952522.7.2019
7Dr. Neeraj Tiwari
Mr. Udit Mamodiya
Dr. Prashant Kumar Shukla
Dr. Piyush Kumar Shukla
Dr. Rizwan Patan
Dr. R. Viswanathan Dr. D. Ganesh Gopal
Dr. Kumar Dilip
Dr. Priya Gupta
Princy Randhawa

System of smart grid network for Electricity supply in smart cities using big data computing”.2019110314823.8.2019
8Dr. M. Vinoth Kumar
Pabitra Kumar Tripathy
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Tiwari
Dr. Neeraj Tiwari
Dr. S. K. Dhakad
Dr. Jagadeesh. S
Dr.R. Manjunatha
Mr. Puneet Kumar Aggarwal
Biometric Authentication based computer implemented method for Secure and Easy Automatic Generating demand Draft/Pay Order”.20194103639210.9.2019
9Udit Mamodiya
Dr. Neeraj Tiwari
Priyanka Sharma
Manish Sharma Nikita Gautam
Alka Rani
Prashant Singh
Prashant Mishra

System And Method For Microprocessor Based Control Of Injection Molding.20181104694512.12.2018

Copyright Applied

S.No.Diary NumberCopyright Reg. ofTitledName Date
11891/2020-CO/AArtisticBook of Human AnatomyRokesh Kumar Singh30/01/2020
21887/2020-CO/AArtisticIf I Were a BirdSouherdyo Das30/01/2020
31894/2020-CO/AArtisticImmurementTulsi Ram30/01/2020
41877/2020-CO/AArtisticTreasureTulsi Ram30/01/2020
51874/2020-CO/AArtisticura of PurnimaHari Ram Kumbhawat30/01/2020
61897/2020-CO/AArtisticGrowth Never Ending ProcessHirday Parkash Kaushal30/01/2020
71890/2020-CO/AArtisticKnowledge is PowerP. Lalithalakshmi30/01/2020
81889/2020-CO/AArtisticEstract of LifePooja Soni30/01/2020
91896/2020-CO/AArtisticGrowth of LifeSunil Kumar Kumawat30/01/2020
101878/2020-CO/AArtisticWings of KnowledgePradeep B. Jogdand30/01/2020
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