Industry 4.0: All the Opportunities It Beholds

The first industrial revolution began around 1760 with the increased energy consumption of steam, marking the rebirth of the factory system. Then came the second revolution after the introduction of electricity in the early 20th century. The third revolution began with the introduction of automation and information technology in factories. We are now celebrating a new era with Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, and certainly, it is not the last era.  

What Is The Industry 4.0

Smart factory, big data, smart manufacturing, Internet of Things, etc. in the context of Industry 4.0. Derived from a 2011 German project to promote digitization and innovation in manufacturing. The scale of the revolution has increased far beyond German borders and even into emerging markets.   Company 4.0 introduces a new era of automation technology, well-controlled robots integrated with the machine learning industry, advanced realty, and performance, as well as self-contained robots that require minimal user input.   One of the common words you can hear these days is “smart company”. The idea is to connect the human, the machine, and the Internet and connect computer systems to the physical world to enable people to make informed decisions. and immediately.   You may ask what a Smart Factory does? Simply put, Smart Factories have the ability to take all the data and find the right uncertainties in the entire supply chain, from suppliers to customers.   The intelligent company accepts requests, adapts immediately, provides smooth and continuous communication from the market to the production process, and thus offers all customers competition.   To qualify as part of Enterprise 4.0, the manufacturing industry (or system) will include:  
  • Machines, devices, sensors, and people you can communicate with easily
  • Ability to provide in-depth work, promote understanding of information
  • Help when needed, when solving problems or when the situation is very dangerous for the person
  • Machine learning algorithms to make interesting decisions, as independent as possible

The Opportunities It’s Beholds


IT can convert the excessive data into understandable data

The new technology does more than just do the manual work for you, They have the potential of drilling down, reducing the amount of data used that you overlook due to excessive volume. But as we all know, the amount of data that is mined and lost every day is frightening, being able to capture and convert this data into a quick and efficient understanding causes a lot of competition in the business.  

Differentiate The InformationTechnology & The Operational Technology

Enterprise 4.0 draws the line between Information technology and Operational technology and integrates the virtual world and the physical world.  

Potential to Grow & Expand beyond its four walls

The fourth industrial revolution was initially designed to transform the industrial sector, but it has the potential to grow and expand beyond its four walls. We clearly see that their “smart” application has an impact on our daily lives in beautiful homes, healthcare, transportation and weapons, oil and gas and so much more.   All that being on plate, it would be foolish to not accept and embrace these modifications. At Poornima University, we understand the necessity of a holistic curriculum and environment and are always prepared to serve the students with the best. Industry 4.0 is no different. Enroll now and join the best!
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