How Will The Hospitality Industry Recover From COVID-19?

During the spread of the deadly coronavirus through the country, a number of fields and industries have faced difficulties. However, one of the worst-hit industries in a country like India, where millions and millions of people reside, is the hospitality industry. People, clients, guests, and tourists, these are the main reason behind the existence of the hospitality field, and with the country in lockdown, the industry is losing its hold.

Worst yet is the possibility of no revival in the future either. While there are restrictions on travel, the issues plaguing the hospitality industry go further than the lockdown on public movement. There is the very real threat of people not actually having any disposable income at the end of this pandemic, while the looming danger of a recession is not helping either. However, the worst reason behind this sudden plunge of the industry is the trust factor of the public.

In a condition where almost anyone and anything can be a potential carrier of the deadly virus, people’s fear of the virus will persist for long times to come. In a situation like this, how will the hospitality industry revive itself? Here is a short article focussing on what hoteliers and managers can do to stay afloat during these times.

Hospitality Industry Recovery After Lockdown

1. Using Virtual Tech: The hospitality business is a place where people are almost always in touch or in close quarters to customers and colleagues, at almost all times. In a situation like this, where there is mass-panic about the spread of the virus, going virtual for a number of things seems like the best idea.
Hotels can get into cloud technology for a better Property Management System. This will help them control the operations from everywhere. Cloud will also help with the mobile concierge system, hassle-free food orders, and contactless meal delivery. Cloud will also take several jobs to remote operations, like sales, business development, digital marketing, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing.

2. Target the Millenials: In a time like this, the faction of society that wants to get back to normal the most is the millennial population of the country. Yes, the pandemic has scared them of the outcome as well; however, their eagerness to experience unique adventures around the world can be a deciding factor in attracting them. Soon enough, the millennial generation with disposable income will become the backbone of the hospitality industry.

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3. Maintain and Renovate, if need be: The lockdown and the pandemic do not mean that the hotels will just close their doors and will only open when the restrictions are lifted. If anything, this is probably the best time for catching up on all the property improvement plans you had before the pandemic even struck.
You can order repairs, maintenance, and complete changes of obsolete features in the hotel. Everything from the carpet to the pool should be maintained and cleaned.

4. Smart Water Systems: Given the present conditions of water scarcity, conserving water is a necessity. With the use of modern techniques available, architects can install smart water systems that can conserve water in commercial as well as residential buildings. With the use of smart water systems, architects can not only conserve water but also make its reuse possible.

5. Reconsider Current Health and Safety Protocols, Policies, and Procedures: In a time like this, people will be trusting you with their lives. This may mean that you will be needing to reconsider a lot of things.
The most important in this is the safety protocols that the hotel will follow to ensure there are no chances of harm to the health of the guests.
There are strict guidelines issued by authorities, and if you don’t conform to them, it will soon be time to reconsider your policies and procedures.

6. Stay Up-To-Date and Ensure You Deliver the Same Accuracy in Information: Staying up-to-date with the condition is the best way to stay away from the adverse effects that it may have on you. Also, ensuring that you deliver this information accurately to your clients or prospective customers will also bring a trust factor to your brand, further helping you in recovering from the lockdown after-effects.

Surely one of the worst-hit industries in the current times, hospitality has been one of the most progressive industries in the country. People put their trusts in these hotels and hoteliers because they are perfectionists at their jobs. With the best hospitality management courses in Rajasthan, Poornima University believes in imparting the best education to students of hospitality management today, so they learn to manage crises like these tomorrow. If your dream is to get into this prestigious line of work, begin your career with Poornima University. Contact now for admissions.
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