How to Vanquish That Exam Stress?

When we see ourselves in some pressure or a testing situation we often show signs of anxiety, stress or nervousness. Don’t we? This reflex action is common among humans to life’s challenges and difficult situations. The most common being Exam stress among students. Exams are an inevitable part of a student’s school & college life that is tough to crack. Stress works both ways, it can either lead to our downfall or can act as a driving factor to perform better.

To combat this level of heightened anxiety, we first need to understand its cause. Some of the causes as decoded by researchers are High levels of competition, the absence of motivation, high expectation, improper planning etc. it is easy for students to pick either of these tendencies and ponder over it leading to a fragile state of mind. However, stress can be one of the leading factors contributing beautifully to our success.

Let’s see some of the ways in which can turn our lows into highs and combat it beautifully;

  • Music soothes our mind and soul: Music is a powerful tool which can rhythmically create a positive environment around us. There are songs for medication to help us focus better and bring peace around us or songs to motivate and encourage us. So boost your brain power with this beautiful source.
  • Make Space on your desk: It is difficult to concentrate when there is a clutter of things around us. An organised desk is a sign of an organised mind.
  • Walk or Exercise: It’s time to get moving if you experience any kind of stress or mental burden. Studies reveal that some sort of physical activity is the best source to boost our power and energize our mind.
  • Sleep and Rest: We all suffer from sleep deprivation during exams. Sleeping for hours is the last thing on our mind, however, a proper sleep is must for our brain to function well. Getting a good sleep can help immensely in reducing stress.
  • Eat Dark Chocolate: Yes, you heard us right? Specifically dark chocolates that contain 70% cocoa helps to fight stress-causing hormone. Also chocolate releases a kind of hormone that reduces exam stress.
  • Go for Aromatherapy: Our nervous system has a direct impact on our brain situation. Aromatherapy is known to provide relief to our joints and muscles moreover its boosts memory too. It also leads to better and longer sleep.
  • Note down points of worry: Writing down points of stress and fear helps in reducing the same. In fact, it’s a good way to improve grades as well.
  • Consume Tea: Consuming teas like green tea, peppermint tea, lemon tea etc. can lead to innumerable benefits from muscle relaxation to better sleep etc.

If you are well prepared and know your subject well there is no reason left for you to be stressed or worried. These are some of the ways you can overpower your stress and experience a harmonious state of mind. Tell us your experience at and your ways to combat pre-exam stress.

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