How to Prepare Yourself to Compete Against AI?

Artificial intelligence is almost everywhere to make life easier and more efficient with the ability to automate processes and procedures. However, as AI becomes more prominent in the workplace, concerns are growing that it may displace people in various roles. According to a CBS news report, 75-80% of jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence. The staggering numbers supporting these claims require workers to do their best to protect their positions and prevent AI from turning them into unemployment statistics.   Adapt quickly and learn better. The fourth industrial revolution and the age of artificial intelligence are at hand. Think about what you are good at and the areas of work in your industry that will be automated or improved by machine learning. Learn new skills in human development and analytics with professional qualifications to quickly integrate and adapt to the future of your industry or company.   Catch as many as you can. AI is here! Any employee who defends their position or tries to sabotage AI efforts will eventually be defeated. There is only one thing left to do. It’s about learning as much as possible about AI, joining experts in your field, and understanding where and how you can use AI to achieve your organisation’s goals. You will become an asset by defending your position and increasing your credit.   Be creative and educate AI.  It will take several generations for artificial intelligence to become as creative as humans and learn to educate itself. Until then, knowledge workers can teach these skills and continue to attract creative talent.   It has to do with your artificial intelligence strategy. Artificial intelligence threatens many tasks associated with repetitive and easily automated tasks. Today’s workers must find other ways to contribute to their work area. Find a way to become a conversationalist and participate in a more strategic process to becoming a subject matter expert.   Work for yourself, not your position. AI is real, and job security is elusive. Whatever your current role, be proactive in developing and applying technologies that make them marketable as an asset rather than trying to protect your territory. Take the initiative to cross-train and engage in other disciplines. Study your field to spot trends and prepare yourself for future roles.   Don’t fight AI.  Fighting the AI is a losing approach. AI will continue to grow and transform the workplace. It makes sense to befriend it, invest in learning it, and show your organisation and colleagues that you can harness that power to bring prosperity and well-being to the majority. How we can harness the power of AI to save and create jobs rather than eat and destroy them.   Poornima University’s staff and teams work in several areas of technology that can help you stay relevant in the changing business landscape and protect your position from taking over by AI in the future. A strategic approach, determination, willpower, and ability to work together give the impression of being able to compete with AI bravely and support it.
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