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There is no golden rule to crack the placement interviews. But there are a few things that you can take care of yourself for being selected, and we have decoded them for you. Here they are-

Tips to Prepare for Different Rounds of Placement Interview

  • Know the Recruiting Companies

List down the companies that you want to get into, and jot down all available information including the financials, latest news and upcoming events. Understand the domain of the company and know their products and services, as it will help you converse better with the interviewers.
  • Aptitude Test

Usually, aptitude tests and skill assessment tests are to check your-
  • Communication Skills
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Domain Knowledge, and
  • Quantitative Ability
So, prepare yourself in the above areas- solve sample papers, revise your grammar concepts, read reasoning questions and develop a proactive approach.
  • Group Discussion

After testing aptitude, the next round in an interview process is Group Discussion. While some recruiters look for good verbal communication skills, the others look for leadership qualities, public speaking, the amount of knowledge you possess. To ace this round, stay updated with the current affairs and news. Keep these factors in mind-
  • Speak Up when you have a point
  • Don’t cut in between when the other person is speaking, be polite and welcoming about others opinions
  • Think quickly and take charge of the discussion in the most professional manner
  • Be clear and keep it crisp and precise
  • Be confident and speak loud and clear
  • Panel Interview

One major thing that you should work on to clear this round is Confidence. The aim is not to get intimidated by the panel’s questions, and answer them in a calm and composed manner. Secondly, there shouldn’t be any scope of ambiguity. Take a moment, reflect on the question and state your thoughts/opinion clearly. To achieve the same, practice panel interviews with friends and family, take genuine feedback and work on the same.
  • Technical Round

This round aims to test your technical capabilities and to excel in this round, practice some basics and fundamentals of coding; talk to your seniors- identify the most asked questions and prepare for them well in advance.
  • HR Interview

It is all about how put together you appear, and whether you can convince the personnel that you are the perfect fit for the job. Keep these things in mind before appearing for the interview-
  • Stay professional and confident, and not too friendly when you talk to the HR
  • Dress up professionally and pay attention to your body language. For instance, sit straight and don’t make too many hand movements
  • If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, be honest about it

How does Poornima University Help?

Poornima University has a Training and Placement Cell which has strong ties with industries, academic institutions and corporates. And as the name suggests, it focuses on providing adequate training to students for placements. How ? It prepares a recruitment schedule of the year, invites leading companies from all the corporate sectors, bridges the gap between recruiting companies and students to generate ample placement opportunities and prepare them for placements according to the changing demands of the industry. The training and placement cell also organizes career guidance training programs, workshops, industry interactions, and industry visits along with regular one-on-one counselling of students facing difficulties in interviews. Some other programs at Poornima University, intended to prepare students for campus placements are-
  • Poornima Employability Enhancement Mission

In order to prepare students, crack the written examination of the recruiting companies, they are put through internal tests to evaluate their aptitude and skills based on parameters subjected to GD/PI, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Special Classes for Skill Development

PU organises special training classes for students so that they excel in placement interviews. These classes provide interactive sessions with alumni about their placement experience and involve discussions on exam patterns and previous placements. To know more about the teaching pedagogy and placement statistics, visit our website
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