How to Figure out the “MAJORS THAT SPARK MY INTEREST”?

Choosing a stream to pursue your graduation is a time-consuming and crucial task. The first thing that comes to one’s mind while choosing a major subject/field is that it should interest you. For some decisions, you need to think hard. When choosing a major that will impact your career ahead, it becomes vital to think logically and sensibly in your decision. But how do you decide what is sensible? How will you recognize that this field might be the one where my interest lies? It isn’t an easy task. To discover what you are passionate about, here are 5 things to consider before choosing a major in college. You might feel a sparkle somewhere erupt into an idea. 

Stop and Think!

Sometimes, the easiest way to discover yourself is to sit beside yourself. By this, you can get a pretty clear idea about the kind of field you are expecting. Before reaching any decision, think of the lifestyle and mindset changes that might occur by choosing the field. You might have felt traces of interest in this major subject or field all around you. So to realize this, stop and visualize your interest. Trying out ways of self-reconnection such as meditation can be pretty helpful. After you are done thinking, you can go to the further step that further clears the path. Finding inspiration plays a significant role in determining your outcome.  

Look for your Interest and Observe

It is not necessary to just think. You must act as well. When you try to gather information about new things, you begin taking an interest in particular topics. Finding a major that suits you could be tricky until you realize that the issues related to human body anatomy interest you.  While you are surfing the web about new gadgets, you feel appealed towards coding or similar computer techy. The critical step to remember is to observe and self-assess the inner self. Find those topics where you feel connected and dig deeper. You’ll realize that spark of interest in the form of clues during this self-assessment.

Contact Experienced Individuals From Diverse Fields

If you wonder how to get interested in studies, discuss! This is a crucial step for an important decision in your career. A professional from the field can tell you precisely whether a particular subject has the elements you are hoping for. Connecting with people helps you gain their perception about that subject. This can help a great deal not only in decision making but also to gain knowledge.  You may contact them with questions such as, ‘What was your first impression?’ ‘What would be the one advice I should follow if choosing this subject?’ These questions and their answers can give you a pretty wholesome picture of what you are getting yourself into.

Be Flexible About the Outcomes

 It is incredibly essential to be open to trying out new things to make prudent decisions. You may not get the path that you expected. It may be completely different from what you had in mind. Interests may change and produce unexpected outcomes.  However, it is essential to stay flexible mentally without any attachment issues. This can help you get a clear idea of the major that is suitable for you. An open attitude on where your interests guide you would enable your journey to be more pleasing and adventurous. Remember, your interest may not necessarily be your answer. Interest is simply what you like. 

Research Well Before arriving at a Decision 

Knowing a subject’s technicalities is vital once you have got a rough idea of your interests. Before you arrive at a particular decision, research well about the scope, existing scenario, and technical details. This brings clarity to the vague picture. You can also learn new skills by doing detailed research. 


So, here are the things to consider when choosing a major. Choosing a field of interest that matches your caliber is very important. Being stuck at determining which subject would suit the best can be pretty tricky. Especially when you don’t know your area of interest. However, through proper procedure, you may quickly discover it.  At Poornima University, our qualified teachers conduct doubt-solving and re-assessment sessions regularly. These sessions are helpful to improve the caliber of students and provide the necessary guidance. They all have a unique ability to teach the students in a friendly manner, thereby improving your efficiency. Remember to choose the best college that serves the right kind of extracurriculars for your interest.
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