How does joining a club helps in personality development?

Before you go all excited and go clubbing, let us be clear. The clubs we intend here are the various clubs of your college. College life is not only about studying and giving exams; instead, it is where you also meet people and enter into social groups. Networking is one of the important things you do while in college and is also vital for your career growth. Being a part of various clubs in your college or university makes you more social, confident and also gives you a different perspective in your life. Therefore, both for social and personal development, you must enroll in such clubs while in a university.   Here are some of the reasons why you should be in such clubs.

You can explore more.

While being in your friend circle, you are in your comfort zone. When you enter into a club, you meet people with different mindsets, values, and cultures, and thus you get a chance to learn about new things. All such things make you learn new things and help in overall personality development.

It helps you as a student.

You can use clubs not only for socializing, but also for studying. Such clubs enable you to gain knowledge and various skills. It will also enhance your leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills, and public-speaking skills. And as a result, you will notice a positive change in your attitude, and you will feel more confident.

You will see the new world.

Clubs and other such groups will present you to a whole new world you were never aware of. You will see people from different backgrounds and how they live, what they are doing, and their approach. When you are in a group, you get to see people more closely, be friends with them and get a chance to share your experiences and thoughts.

It adds to your resume.

A good resume is not the one with only academic achievements; rather, the one with social achievements is preferred. It is so because ultimately, you have to deal with people when you work in an organization. Be it your colleagues, clients, or bosses, you need to deal with them apart from your work, and that’s where your social experiences play an essential role.

It motivates you to participate.

While you are in a university, there are a lot of events going on. But not all of them are solo events, and that is where your group helps you learn how to work with a team. Also, while performing something in a group, you ensure that you are in line with the team and develop a spirit of teamwork.


Once you are out of your school, you must get out of the image of a bookworm, if you are. For your betterment, you socialize with people around you, and clubs or groups give you such opportunities. You can learn a new skill, go on trips, develop your personality, and do much more while being in the club. At Poornima University, we understand this very well and have various active clubs for students. We encourage the kids to actively enroll in clubs and add some skills and nuance to their personality.
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