How Academics Benefit From IBM Workshops?

In this extremely competitive business marketplace, it is essential for students to focus on new development and innovation to broaden their horizon, keeping them active and smart. For this reason, universities collaborate with multiple organisations and MNCs to organise workshops and seminars for student’s growth and learning.

IBM hosts many educational events about their new software and cloud platforms in partner universities. One such cloud platform on which IBM conducts workshops is ‘Bluemix.’ It is a highly promising platform that can help the IT industry and society immensely. So, let’s dig deeper into what exactly is Bluemix along with the benefits of learning such tools in workshops conducted by IBM.


Bluemix is a software based on cloud computing developed by IBM. With Bluemix, an individual can build and run new business applications without setting up the underlying architecture. It is an open-standard, cloud-based platform with which one can manage applications on the web, big data, smart devices, and mobile.

Advantages of IBM Bluemix

Bluemix provides numerous benefits including simplicity and speed, agility, source control (helps in delivering application change), and freedom to choose development tools. And, needless to say, it allows team collaboration by providing access to the code and information needed by every member without the hassles of delivering it.

Get Leading Technologies in Hands

Bluemix is an excellent software that allows students to create applications and software solutions rapidly. Additionally, once the students have created their project, they can experiment further to enhance the utility. It also allows students to focus on coming together of various parts, to produce something entirely new, their interconnections, etc. opening ways to innovate.

Helps in Course Work

A crucial benefit of Bluemix in a learning environment like college is it’s ability to focus on the big picture. As it is an open-standards-based platform, students together with the faculty can build apps as a part of their coursework.

An Ideal Growth Platform

One of the biggest advantages of Bluemix is that the skills students learn from the tool are transferable. They can even use it for creating their own APIs in numerous disciplines including design, engineering, and business. Young enthusiasts, who want to create their own website can use Bluemix to get their own websites and web app running full-fledged in just about a day.

Get Certified

Students can gain a professional certificate and badges for learnings in IBM workshops that will help them in changing jobs, getting recognition and gaining a competitive advantage over other individuals.

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