Healthcare Sector: Why it is a promising option in 2020 and Beyond

The world is fighting with an unknown enemy with no direction as to how to win the battle. Yes, you guessed it right. The world is fighting with coronavirus.

With the world still under lockdown, one thing that is providing some hope is the efforts that frontline warriors are making. The efforts, especially of medical staff, are beyond commendable.

You can call them “the new army in white.” Undeniably, they are the new force that is fighting for our country.

But, we are unprepared for managing a surge in coronavirus. That is because of the shortage of beds, ventilators, and most importantly- medical staff and healthcare workers.

The number of medical staff, be it nurses, doctors, or attendants, is minuscule. This condition has highlighted and reinforced the importance of the healthcare sector. Let’s understand why you should, as a student, enrol in courses under public health.

WHO Prescribed 1:1000 Doctor to Patient Ratio

WHO has recommended that every country in the world must try to meet the “Golden Finishing Line” criteria or 1:1000 doctor to patient ratio to effectively address the healthcare needs of the nation.

If you look at the WHO prescribed ratio and see the standings in different countries, then you will see that the developed countries have surpassed the limits and are doing exceptionally well.

In Australia, there are 3.374 doctors per 1000 people while assuming that 80% of the doctors remain available at a given time. Similarly, France has 3.227:1000 doctor to patient ratio, and Germany stands at 4.125:1000.

The Condition in India

India has a doctor population ratio of 0.62:1000. This is an alarmingly low number if you look at the population in the country. Not only doctors, but India is also facing a shortage of 2 million nurses. If we talk in numbers, then, the number of registered nurses is 1:675 against 3:1000 as suggested by WHO.

In fact, if you add all the ayurvedic doctors and homoeopathic doctors, the ratio will still remain less than what is required. The situation is taxing, but it is also bringing with itself many opportunities.

Towards a Bright Future

If you observe closely, you will see that the need for healthcare workers is rising, and the coronavirus situation is acting as a catalyst to it. The scarcity of the staff against the pressing needs is an indicator that there lies a great future in the sector.

The salary of the doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, nutritionists, and any individual associated with the field is also growing due to the need-supply gap.

What is required in the current situation is to grab the opportunity and secure the future.

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