Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA)


Choosing to earn a degree in visual arts from Poornima University has many benefits. The department and the learned faculty members help you build your ability to take a lot of hard work. They help the learner to enhance their dedication levels along with helping the students network within the industry.

The learner chooses to earn a Bachelor of Visual Arts because they have a vision and a passion for arts and culture, a questing mind, the want to break from uniformity and predictability, and the ability to experiment and take risks. Pursuing visual arts allows students the opportunity to channel and express their creativity and imagination, but also to hone and perfect their skills by learning about past and present techniques.

Poornima School of Design & Art’s; Department of Visual Arts helps you develop this versatile skill set as it gives you the exposure to work through the hands on experience along with the Industrial experts and artists.

Students who earn a degree in fine arts have endless opportunities available to them. Since students have refined creative skills, but also excellent oral communication and written skills, they are highly employable in fields outside of the typical realm of art. Visual arts can take you beyond being an artist, to careers in television, fashion, education, therapy, culture and wellness, and so much more.

The skill sets you will earn are highly transferable and sought after in many career paths


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6 Months Internship


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  • Painting
  • Applied Arts


The eligibility criteria for all Programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired Programs. The school level qualification from schools affiliated to foreign board / offering foreign system of education must be in accordance with the policies & the procedures laid down by AIU (refer -

A Candidate should also apply for the academic program that he/she would like to study upon completion of the ELP. We offer 50+ programs from over 15 discipline areas which are relevant to the today and future market needs at the Following Levels”

  • Diploma Program (after O level)
  • Bachelor Degree Program (after A Level)
  • Master Degree Program (after Graduation)
  • PhD Programs (after Post Graduation)

The offer of admission is subject to verifications of original certificates/documents at the time of admission. If any candidate is found ineligible at a later date even after admission to an institute, his/her admission will stand cancelled.



Courses Annual Fee
Painting $2000
Applied Arts $2000

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