Don’t have a business background? Learn how to marvel in MBA without it.

The new era of diverse career projections is showing a significant shift in traditional career paths. Gone are the days when students would pursue a course and spend their life around it. Today’s individual is the one who dabbles in many fields where their interest lies. MBA is among such courses which many graduates from other fields aspire to pursue. Are you also pondering over getting an admission in MBA sans any business background? If yes, then consider yourself to be at the right place at Poornima University which is one of the best institutes for MBA in Jaipur.

The latest research shows that more than half of MBA applicants possess a non-business background. Therefore, regardless of your academic background that could be engineering, journalism or humanities, you can now dream to sail in the corporate boat while pursuing an MBA program.

What is an MBA?

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the most sought-after degrees that helps individuals procure business and management aesthetics. MBA programmes are touted to be one of the most versatile postgraduate degrees that can take your career to another level. The degree provides students with a hands-on dynamic experience during their program and also prepares them for practical use in terms of business skills. Hence, MBA can be translated to a stepping stone if you wish to set foot in management or start a company. While MBA offers numerous specializations such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Global business management, Marketing, Supply chain management, etc., Poornima University which is the top college for MBA in Rajasthan bestows you with an ideal base to pursue your dreams. The excellent faculty and an ideal academic environment would provide you everything you’re looking for.

Wisdom for all the non-traditional MBA applicants

If a non-business background is bothering you, here are so, key highlights of MBA that can surely strengthen your determination for the degree.

Learn from peers having different backgrounds

You’re certainly not the only one who’s pursuing an MBA without a traditional background. There are numerous other aspirants hailing from varied professions. Besides learning from the faculty that is delivered in the course, you can also garner knowledge from your comrades. This way enormous knowledge gets spread and students are more than ready to face the professional world.

Career counselling to support you throughout

Taking a career U-turn while switching your profession may conjure up several doubts. However, with right career counselling, students can gain confidence about their decision. At Poornima University, aspirants are well-counselled and given all the insights they need for their choice of interest that includes MBA as well. Hence, if you are in a dilemma about this profession, don’t hesitate to opt for a counselling session.

MBA programs that target real-world situations

The surging MBA programs are not confined to business school education. While being diversified in nature, this 2-year course would help you pick up an array of learnings that you can apply in numerous real-life cumbersome situations. Similarly, we also provide an extensive business training that would bestow you with leadership skills, management skills, and self-discipline required for a healthy workplace.

Better chances for placement and career


Every recruiter looks for a unique element in the candidates and while having knowledge of a different background, you also may have the factor that complements their requirements. A deep knowledge in one profession could definitely be utilized into others that may sometimes make wonders. So, if you have a non-business background, don’t consider yourself to be unworthy. If you have the right knowledge, anybody can count on your skills.

Make your dream of MBA, come true at Poornima University

Take pride in being one of the top MBA Colleges in Rajasthan. Poornima University is a platform where you can find wings for your career dreams. With degree courses like engineering, humanities, arts, architecture, and more, we are renowned to be the best platform for an MBA programme. What makes us stand apart is the structure of the programme that is tailored to provide students with the best of industry knowledge under the guidance of experienced and skilled tutors. Besides this, nurturing classroom ambience accompanied by the wisdom of industry professionals, allows students to complete their MBA program with flying colours.

How do we excel in placement programs?

Truly justifying its prime goal, Poornima University features a well-synced placement program which makes it amongst the best MBA colleges in Jaipur to offer top-notch placements. The placement assistance club acts as a bridge between students and recruiting companies. Before placements, students get counselling from the professionals about their interests who help them recognize the best-suited profiles for them. Some of the companies where students can expect to get placed are Canara HSBC, Infosys BPM, AU Bank, SBI Insurance, Aditya Birla, Airtel,, Oppo,, and many more. Therefore, a well-structured MBA program coupled with excellent placement opportunities awaits students at Poornima University.

So, if you have an MBA degree on your wishlist, ditch your non-business background and buckle up to chase your dreams. Browse through the MBA programs offered at Poornima University, the best MBA colleges in Jaipur.

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