Vision & Mission


To produce globally competitive and socially sensitive professionals in the areas of management by imparting value-based education, research and innovative pedagogy to lead economic and social development of the society.


  • Disseminating knowledge of management through a portfolio of educational programs and publications.
  • Promote a culture of academic excellence benchmarked against the best institutions in its peer group.
  • Continuously develop the curriculum to match international standards along with its content.
  • Provide student – centric learning environment through high quality teaching and innovative pedagogy.
  • Establishing a transparent, scientific and impartial examination/evaluation system to ensure fair certification process.
  • Implement the Outcome Based Education starting from designing the syllabus to delivery of the content to attainment.
  • Promote industry – institute partnerships for academic & research collaboration and share knowledge for innovation and development.
  • Organize various National/International Seminars /Workshops/Management Games/ Quizzes/Conferences by partnering with various corporate stalwarts and faculties from various elite academic institutes in order to abreast on latest management trends and develop the corporate culture & habits among the students
  • Organize various sessions, seminars in order to promote entrepreneurial ideas among the students.
  • Promote disciplined and ethical environment among all the stakeholders.