PO1: Knowledge – Demonstrate a mastery of skills and knowledge at a level required for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in their discipline and assessment of student learning.
PO2: Intellectual Abilities – Demonstrate skills in oral and written communication sufficient to publish and present work of quality which satisfies peer review and to prepare grant proposals.
PO3: Critical Research Thinking: Critically apply theories, methodologies and knowledge to address fundamental questions in their primary area of study.
PO4: Ethics: Apply ethical principles and strictly committed to professional ethics and responsibilities in their field and in academia.
PO5: Self-Managerial Skills: Apply self-reflective and self-critical approach based on research and to act autonomously in the planning and implementation of research.
PO6: Societal Impact: Work collaboratively to develop and exchange research knowledge so as to benefit and influence the society.
PO1: Develop a deep understanding of at least one core area of Engineering & Technology (e.g. mechanics of materials, antenna & wave propagation, photonics, green energy, construction design, power systems, controls and dynamics, automation & analytics, etc.).
PO2: Ability to think critically and creatively in defining research questions and to outline strategies of inquiry
PO3: Ability to communicate research results to scientific audience in conferences & Ability to work collaboratively with other peers.