Digital Learning Amidst Covid-19 Havoc: A Comprehensive Guide for College Students

The advent of corona virus has wrecked the education system all over the globe. With substantial pressure on governments as well as universities, there seems to be no end in sight to the destructive pandemic. In addition to this, the lockdown has shown critical implication on the mental as well as physical health of students. This has eventually developed various physiological issues accompanied by the disrupted academics. Amidst this scenario of the worldwide outbreak, Digital learning or e-learning is touted as the best alternative to face-to-face learning. To enhance the quality of digital learning, here’s a constructive guide that students can follow and stay motivated at all times during the covid crisis. Develop A Daily Routine: Nothing comes before physical and mental health which needs to be taken care of without fail. With restrained outdoor activities and the situation of lockdown, following a certain routine may turn out to be burdensome. But once converting good habits into a lifestyle, students can easily take out time for many things that would be conducive for their well-being. A well-curated timetable that is inclusive of proper mealtime, exercise routine, time to use your electronical appliances and some hobby time can indeed work wonders if followed the right way. Apart from this, having a quick study or research of 10 minutes before the online class will accelerate their mind and allow them to absorb the knowledge better &faster. Like these, there is an array of activities and habits that would definitely add some structure to students’ routine which would ultimately result in gaining e-learning more fruitfully.

Eliminate Distractions or Negativity

As there is an abundance of negativity and stress, it is utterly challenging to cope with the situation and focus on the positive aspects. However, identifying the negative elements and eliminating them is the key to a healthy mind and soul. From limiting the time used on social media to setting a particular time for news as well as google, students need to put some rest to their exposure to social media and welcome undesirable knowledge. In order to spare themselves from all the negativity which comes from free-time, they can join online courses which would enhance their skills in many ways. Poornima University is one of the top-notch universities in Rajasthan that offer students a wide range of courses. With the right amount of emphasis and dedication, we always endeavour to provide the best education. Providing optimal digital learning and management, we ensure that each student gets opportunities to receive maximum knowledge.

Explore The Power Of Self-Study

We thrive in a time where technology and the internet are at an unparalleled pace. The internet world is full of knowledge that can be imbibed anytime, anywhere. Since students are confined to their homes, they have an ample amount of time to dedicate to self-study that is of their interest. They can either pick their favourite topic or the topic where they’re facing some difficulties and go through multiple websites till the time they are finally satisfied with what they have learned. This will not only make them learn new knowledge but also create a sense of self-motivation.

Make Digital Study Groups

Beyond a shadow of doubt, knowledge is like the sky that has no limit. For students to find online classes monotonous is quite normal. However, a team study when done virtually may turn out to be tremendously interesting. Apart from gaining knowledge, students will be exposed to solutions from various perspectives of the peer group members. Moreover, it would likely boost their spirit and help them stay motivated during the unfavourable situation of covid 19.

Start Leveraging Virtual Education

There are numerous advantages of eLearning that students can benefit from. With a good internet connection, eLearning becomes quite flexible as well as convenient. Focusing on independent learning, virtual education holds many perks. Students can jot down some notes during their classes and research on their own for better understanding. They may also search across various websites to gather a better understanding of the topic.

Focus on Professional Career

It is imperative to stay focused and motivated, especially during the unprecedented times of the pandemic. The prime step for students is to identify where they are heading and to know their hidden skills. They may also take online career counselling to have a better understanding of their professional career. Our professionals at Poornima University, the best private university in Rajasthan also offer career counselling where students are welcomed with all their doubts and given the best career advice. Students may come across a multifold of challenges during the pandemic but there’s always a way to get things right even in the worst situations. Evidently, digital learning acts as a hopeful prospect for college students, especially those who are struggling to cope with their academics. At Poornima University, which is undoubtedly the best university in Rajasthan, digital learning is offered at its best. While embracing the latest technological advancements and digital learning solutions, our team of highly qualified educators create a virtual space for students where they can imbibe valuable knowledge that would uplift their professional career to a great extent.
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