Designing Greener Places for People

The climate is undergoing major changes, so should the architecture. Buildings emit most of the carbon dioxide present in the air, this leads to increased global warming. In this fast pacing world where advancement is happening at an alarming rate, the profession that became the reason of our existence should not become the reason for our end. The frequent and sudden climate changes are a fore shadow of our own approaching future. The answer to this ever rising problem is Sustainable Architecture. Architecture that takes care of the needs of the human beings while taking care of their future. Sustainable Architecture provides a key to a beautiful and bright future.

What majorly effects the climate is the materials that are used in designing and constructing new buildings. The materials used are such that emit most of the energy. To live sustainably and to ensure that the structure of our built environment is green, construction materials like rammed earth and turf roofs should be used.

Architects nowadays are constructing the buildings with better considerations towards the climate. To lessen the ecological impact, construction materials are changed with the ones that have a lesser impact as compared to the established ones. Also, the energy efficiency of the building is also taken into major consideration. The third approach towards sustainability is the location. The location of the buildings shouldn’t be as such that would impart harm to the environment.

These are some of the major concerns a sustainable development should have:

  • The construction materials should instead support and promote the health of the ecosystem around it rather than degrading it.
  • Energy efficient systems should be used to reduce emission and maximize efficiency.
  • Should improve the nature surrounding it so as to promote the health of its inhabitants.
  • Should be all weather friendly to avoid degradation.
  • Should harvest their water and energy needs on site.
These approaches are increasingly taking place in mainstream architecture. We can hope for a brighter future with a lesser impact on our climate. Architecture is truly a growing industry and shouldn’t be hampered at all.
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